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Talk about late! Ooooops :X

Saw the FF Advent children movie today.

I'm so glad I didn't go through any ammount of time or effort to track it down when it first came out D:
It was pretty, but I think I'm going to be cleaning the director's fanboy wank out of my DVD player for weeks.

Stupidest plot evarrr. And It seems like Tetsua Nomura is the new Final Fantasy Director of EVERYTHING.. (By new, I mean coronated a few years back..) and I don't like his work that much. I don't like his mullet-laden character designs, I don't like his art style that much... (But his coloring is pretty nice).. Don't like his direction. I couldn't figure out WTF was going on for half the movie, and it was FILLED with really pointless scenes. Like "Let's have a long action packed motocycle chase, and then have the dudes chasing cloud take off with nothing coming of that scene." For somthing so labour intensive as a CG movie with that much detail.. you have to be damn sure what you want in, and what you want out before you finish.. so this isn't somthing you can blame on the.. editors, for example D:

My summation of Final Fantasy: Advent children in 2 or less jumbled, fragmented sentances:

Cloud's arm leaks hallucinogenic drugs, causing him to rampage across a fanfic fighting ninja orphans while they try to give every single FF7 character a different accent to make them more interesting the end kthxbai.. oh yeah, and this guy turns into sephiroth and cloud uses knights of the round and they kill bahamut and it takes forever


It was really pretty!

Corpse Bride review

I haven't been up to much lately. Lots of cleaning, lots of WoW.
Akuma& I went to go see the Corpse Bride a few days ago, and I guess I was kind of dissappointed in it. I thought it was a beautiful movie, and the score was very nice, but I really didn't like any of the musical numbers at all. The lyrics seemed really trite and cliche, while I don't feel that the melodies really fit the tone of the movie at all. I realize that to a certain extent, musicals really need repition in lyrics to help make the songs catchy. But really, it just kind of hurts to listen to a song that repeats the title of the movie over and over again. It seemed like the movie was trying to go in too many directions without making a strong point in either one. It kind of hurts to bash it so much, since I have such a high opinion of Tim Burton's stuff, and especially Danny Elfman's scores, but I felt like I was waiting the entire movie for the one moment that made everything worthwhile.
The main character just kind of mucks through the whole movie, trying not to hurt anyone's feelings, but not really knowing WTF he wants. While the part was acted out very well by Johnny Depp, I really didn't like the character himself that much. I mean.. he's about to be married to one chick whom he's very nervous around... stuff happens and he ends up with the corpse bride.. but he's kind of just "there," and doesn't seem to have much of an opinion one way or the other about her other than that "omg.. it's wrong to marry a dead body." The only thing he's passionate about is not wanting to hurt anyone's feelings. I really felt like there should have been a little more emotional conflict about whom he cared for more. If that tension would have been there, the taboo of marrying a corpse really would have helped the ending a LOT more in the way things happened. It would have only strengthened it, I think. But maybe I'm just morbid.

The voice acting was really quite nice, and the animation and figures were awesome, but I felt that at times, it was trying to take itself a little too seriously. There were a lot of sight gags and puns, but none of the dark humor I was really expecting. There were a few times during the movie where the script went down a serious route (after a few random sight gags, etc) while I was still expecting a jab or witty remark. And really, some of the musical numbers were way too much. Didn't fit at all... (For those of you who have been keeping track of the production of this one since before Charlie and the Chocolate factory... much of the CatCF cast lends a voice to this film. Christopher Lee plays the pastor, and in one point of the film, he's refusing entry into the church. It would have been fucking hilarious if he'd said "You shall not pass!")

I'll probably get it when it comes out on DvD. The animation was great, and it really did have it's moments. I think that overall, my entire opinion on the film would have been a lot more positive if I'd enjoyed the songs in the musical sequences a bit more.

Anyway, I definitely think it's worth seeing. I'd love to see a much more recent Danny Elfman 3-4 disk compilation set with score selections from his different films. That way, I'd get the best chunks of the corpse bride score without the songs.

Kill Bill in 5000 words or less, please

Saw Kill Bill Vol. 2 tonight.
Ok. I can see why some people don't like it. It's definitely a change of pace from the first movie. It seems like most of the gratuitous violence was in the first one. (Odd? Well.. there were lots of action scenes, fighting, violence, etc in pt 2, but it wasn't Fist-of-the-North-Star-buckets-of-blood type stuff)
Anyway... David Carradine's acting was awesome. This almost makes up for sitting through a movie "acted" by Uma. Sorry. I really didn't like her treatment for her role. She was appropriate. Her responses to things were good.. but I really didn't like the way she delivered her lines.
Anyway. That said and done.. This movie hurt my butt. No matter how I shifted in my seat, the length of the movie went straight to my tailbone.
It wouldn't have been so bad if every character spoke somewhat normally.
Instead, it was like Mojojojo acted out everything while sprinking "bitch" and "cunt" throughout the movie. (I didn't know you could sneak "cunt" into the theatres)
One scene went somthing like this (which is basically how most went)
"OMG bitch today you are wrong. For if it was any other day, which it is not, you might be right. But since today is today and you would have been right any other day, today is not that other day and you are wrong"
Ok. I understand English. If you say "You're wrong, bitch. You would have been right yesterday, but you're wrong today" I would have gotten it the first time. Instead, I had to sit through 5 minutes of talking about how everything changes when viewing a blue strip and contemplating assasination jobs. Spoken by Umajojo.

But, all in all, it was ok. I understand trying to capture the Kung-Fu Carl Douglas spirit of the 70's or whatever the fuck that was supposed to be.. but the editing still made me sad. My idea of a hommage, and Tarantino's idea of a hommage are two very different things.

In other news.. I got my VHD cel in a few days ago, and I love it <3
Thank you Miki! :D