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Shake dog, shake

Roy likes puppies

HIDE your face
Marriage and onto the great unknown!
2012 Marks yet another year of college debt, home improvements, and physical improvements!
Slowly, progress is made. The bills are continuing to dwindle, and she can now imagine what it might be like to not have a student loan payment!
Retail job gone, our intrepid anthropologist instead choses a more domestic line of work. Cooking, cleaning, and taking care of the family pets (and husband) is enough to keep her busy and still leave time for slacking off with videogames. The rather dangerous growth of smaller publishers like Atlus, Nippon Ichi, and XSEED threaten to bury our heroine in a stack of games she can never possibly hope to conquer, all the while attempting to keep up leading raids in World of Warcraft and progressing in Inferno mode in Diablo III!

A new goal has come into focus, however. Can she shed the pounds she gained in college and the great beyond that is marriage?? Can years worth of poor nutritional education and physical lethargy be reversed?!? After many years of failure, a new diet plan emerges!

Stay tuned to find out what life is like after college when you have no immediate goals or ambitions. Live your dream of being an absolute bum! (Vicariously at least) Expect the inevitable soul-searching and angst! Gasp in horror when you read how evil my cat is! I don't pretend to be exciting, but if you freind me, prepare to be subjected to multiple fitness posts as I lose weight, ramblings about video games, and occassional TMI about gross bodily functions. I'm married and I have no shame!

"Stupidity is a constipation of thoughts and a diarhea of words" ~~unknown

For those who share my interest in video games, here's my backloggery link: