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HIDE your face
02 July 2013 @ 12:02 pm
I realized that with July, I don't have much time for costumes left.

I didn't really notice how much time had gone by between my journal entries, so I thought I should post a little about what I've been up to.

I'm working on my Hikaru (Rayearth) costume right now, and having a hard time with a bad pattern. When I use a pattern, I expect to be able to pick out the size I need based on personal measurements, sew it, and have it fit pretty well. That's not happening.

I'm currently wearing a women's L in shirts, a 10-12 in pants, yet Butterick told me that I needed to cut out a size 18 blazer. I was all like "WHATEVER JERKS" and cut it out anyway. It doesn't fit for crap! It's huge! The shoulders are too wide, so all the work I spent easing and basting a sleeve last night was for nothing. I have to rip it off there, narrow the shoulders, re-ease the sleeve, and re-attach it. The jacket overlaps in the front, too, but that's an easy fix. I spent so much time yesterday CAREFULLY marking, sewing, and pressing all the darts this pattern requires. I really thought it'd fit a little better! Son, I am disappoint.

I'm trying to do a really good job on this costume. It's pretty simple, so it's even more important that my lines are clean. I'm trying not to cut any corners, and even though the whole thing is lined, I'm still pressing all my seams and finishing the inside.

After the blazer, I plan to work on the blouse, collar, and bow. I'm saving the skirt for last, since I'm most concerned with changes in the fit over the next 2 1/2 months until NDK (Well, less than that...)

I'm also thinking about armor already. I kind of want to do fiberglass. For that, I'd build a duct tape double of myself, then build the chestpeice on top. I was thinking that since Hikaru, Umi, and Fuu all basically have the same armor, I could probably make some plaster casts and then coat those with Vaseline and make three sets out of fiberglass. I'm not sure if the girls are interested, though. I'd basically have to finish them early and then mail them up so they could cast gems and do all the character-specific coloring. Ray& Jisha have both expressed interest in visiting this month, so if I have the help, I might give it a shot. I need to figure out if I'm making just my armor, or three sets, though.

I'm kind of stressing a little bit about everything.

I finished re-building the Arshtat waist cincher. It needs all the designs painted on it, then it's done. I need to re-sew the snaps onto the brown upper strap for the center gold placard flappy thing, then resize and re-weave the bottom straps. After that, I'll have to repair the crown. Nugget did some damage to the round part, and the Texas sun did some damage to the tall part. I'll still have to re-size the skirt and maybe take in the red thing, too. I don't know. It's a lot of finicky things, but they're all important.

For Arche.. I checked the pants, and they are hilarious. I need to take the waistband out, take the whole thing in by a few inches, slim down the legs just a little bit, and then re-sew it all. I'll have to attach the triangle/pompom deco on the other bottom leg and maybe stick some elastic in there. I got the gloves in, and a purple sports bra. I'll have to finish styling the wig, make some spats for the shoes, and sew the white top. Eventually, I'll want to get out to Sam Moon and look for some kind of accurate bangles, or just steal that huge yellow abomination Tania used for Valvalis. Oh, and I need to make/buy a scarf. I need to do everything for this costume, but as you can see, it's not a ton.

Kyoko- I've picked out patterns for the bustier and skirt. I bought tights. I need to figure out what pattern I want to use for the top garment. It's pretty.. weird. It's really flat, too. I have to decide if I want to make it flattering or accurate :P Accurate would be easier! Kyoko's not busty, but I think I should make it more flattering and allow for boob darts. Also.. I hate mandarin collars. HATE

I don't even want to think about all the other stuff I have to do.. take in Natalia, fix Kefka, all the work needed for Hikaru, etc...


I'm just not feeling it. I've been feeling pretty bleh in general the last few months. I am not as excited about all of this as I feel I should be. It'll get done, though! I hope...
HIDE your face
I think I have to post the weeks every so often in my subject, or I lose track :X

It's time to wear Arshtat again. It's been a few years. I've only worn this costume twice, but I've put a TON of time into it. There's been hand-painting and all sorts of other shenanigans involved with this costume. I wore it for the first time to Animefest with KT, who is currently very bad at checking her text messages. She made Zerase. We were photographed by some pro, and I bought a hilariously awesome 3-D print of us together by some water feature outside the hotel. By hilariously awesome, I mean that you totally get to wear 3D glasses to view it properly! It's epic!

The second time I wore it was not too long after, at A-kon the following summer. It was great, we had all sorts of interesting photos taken (though we can't seem to find many), and it was freaking hot. How hot was it?? Well, I didn't really put much thought into it when we climbed back into the car to go home, but I had tossed some parts of the costume in the trunk. The plastics warped and the hot glue lifted, and now I have to repair my crown :P I am currently wondering if I can just iron the warped pieces and sandwich them between something heavy to flatten them back out. It's not bad, but it's not perfect.

What else isn't perfect?

Well, the front placard thing is still pretty awful. It was a lot of work, and it'll be nearly impossible to remake exactly how I like it, so I'm trying to find a way to salvage it. It has a healthy crease from being packed into suitcases and folded up for travel, but I'm going to try to work around that. Somehow, it seems like it's 6 inches too long. I don't remember it being that much longer than my skirt hem, so that's kind of a problem. Due to the nature of the construction of the piece, there's no good-looking way to cut it and glue it back together that won't show a seam. I might be able to cleverly chop it in a few places, but right now I'm just thinking about wearing really tall platforms instead.


Well, all my time on this thing will almost definitely be spent resizing it! T..T

Don't get me wrong.. I'm totally thrilled and whatever, but this will actually be the second time I've had to resize the waist cincher. The first time I did it was after losing 25 lbs when the doc threatened to put me on medications. I lost the weight and then eventually gained it back, but hey.. Arshtat needed to be smaller. Thankfully, the top is a kimono-style closure, so it doesn't really matter too much what size it is. The sleeves are very free. The skirt... well, I did a pretty good job with that one and put a waistband and zipper in. The fastest fix will be to just zip it in a few inches on the opposite seam from the zipper. The no-fix fix will be to just wad it up under the waist cincher XD I'll probably zip up a sloppy seam on the side.

Tonight, I've been quite single minded in my seam ripping on the waist cincher. To do this the "right" way, I pretty much need to disassemble it. I'm close.. but I'm going to leave the front ends attached. I think I can bring in the seams on the fashion cloth and duck cloth separately. I've taken out all the boning, and I'm currently deciding if I'm going to do it the proper way, or just pinch& zip. I have some time, and I want it to look good, so I'll probably end up doing it the right way. -..- I'm just not looking forward to all the extra hours put into it.

That being said.. if I can find all the pieces to this thing and get it fixed up again, I'll be able to take some really nice photos. I need to find a super awesome bra first, though. I seriously deflated from the last time I wore that costume, and she has some serious cow tits. I've got the top, skirt, sash, waist cincher, crown parts, wig, and front flappy thing& all those parts. I'm basically missing the necklace, earrings, true rune tattoo& sash ornament. I think I know where the necklace is. I'll just have to find the other parts. I may end up cutting out another true rune if I can't find all the parts. Those just go on with some sprit gum, but the stick on vinyl always looks fantastic.

I know I have 3 months until NDK (And really, AnimeFEST is before that. Maybe I should try to make Arshtat ready by Afest and wear it twice this year??).. but I've totally signed on for a ton of work for this fall. I don't even know how it happened. I kept saying things like, "Oh, wouldn't it be awesome if we did this..." and "NO MATTER WHAT I AM BRINGING KEFKA EVEN THOUGH I FORGOT MY AWESOME EXPENSIVE TIME INTENSIVE WIG AT THE HOTEL", etc, and before I knew it there were 5 costumes scheduled for this convention.

"Old" costumes: Kefka, Arshtat
"New" costumes: Hikaru, Kyoko, Arche

Old& New in quotes because really.. Kefka is not that old. He's only been worn once, but he was just finished. And Arche? Been sitting on all the costume pieces AND a half styled wig for this thing for multiple years. :X

And after NDK, I'll have a pink spiky wig in a high ponytail, a maroon spikey wig in a high ponytail, and a red fluffy wig with a long ass braid. You'd think there would be a more efficient way to do this, but no.

Next time I get mega coupon frenzy'ed by Jo Ann's, I'll probably pick up fabric for Hikaru and Kyoko. I already have everything for Arche.. going to order some gloves, though. After checking the shoulder area of her design, I've decided I can get away with a sports bra instead of a tube top for her top, and I'm going to order a lavender sports bra from Welovecolors.com. God, I love that site. Going to get my black thigh highs for Kyoko there while I'm at it, since I'll be ordering multiple things.

Anyway, it's somehow 11pm now, and that's already an hour after my bedtime. I'm not sure why I'm so amped, especially having just suffered through an hour of seam picking. Only after cosplaying have I grown to understand why seam-picking was a punishment in the Little House on the Prarie books. -..-
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03 June 2013 @ 07:31 am
and totally exhausted. I don't really have any great pics to share, though. I put the two best Kefkas on my Cosplay.com page. I got 0 photos of the tentacle monster thing I made. Most of the Marie pics aren't full body, and they're blurry or too dark. Didn't get many of Pascal, either. I'll have to wait to see what other people got. In the meantime, though, here's the Kefka costume page.

Oh, and I totally got the makeup patterns on the wrong eyes. This happened with Yumichika at Ikkicon, too! I finally fixed the feather issue on Yumichika, but it didn't even occur to me to make sure I swapped the makeup in the mirror for Kefka. I really hate asymmetrical costumes. I double and triple checked all the garment details to make sure I had them on the right sides. Kinda sucks I messed up the face paint, but I can fix that the next time I wear the costume.

Totally forgot the wig in the hotel, though. Bummer.

Current Mood: exhaustedexhausted
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22 May 2013 @ 08:36 am

This belt buckle is almost done. It looks cool!

The pin came out really well!


Look! I made a hat from scratch, and I lined it! It didn't really turn out like how I wanted it to, but it still looks ok.


For size reference?
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17 May 2013 @ 02:22 pm
I could name a ton of things! Instead, I should really stop writing right this minute and get some exercise in and see if that helps.

I think that LJ is pretty dead now. Even the most active communities I frequent only have (at most) a post a day. And that's rare. I'm sad about the death of LJ.

I think the people that still read this thing are either

a) People I now communicate with more frequently on twitter
b) People I talk to on the phone/ text more often than any of us post on here
c) People I've met through LJ and have no other means of communicating with
d) Stalker family members

Sadly, group C has probably dwindled down to one or two people! And I think some of group D is on twitter now too :P

See? I didn't have to get a facebook to watch LJ die! Or a tumblr!

I am kind of curious, though. Who still reads this thing? Shoot me a reply if you are! This is not some emo dramapost. Sadly, there are easier ways to post photos online now. Sadly, there are easier ways to keep in touch.

And honestly? Since the last year+ has been about massive life changes, I've been re-evaluating a lot of my relationships. Why would I feel like I need to blog somewhere other than here to talk about weight stuff? Well, I felt like it was too boring for here. I felt like my friends wouldn't want to read about it. I felt like they would get tired of it, and annoyed. It shouldn't be that way, though. I'll probably keep my blog on the diet site and use that to accomplish journal-related goals. The site is kind of ghetto, but even it is better than LJ about photos. Sheesh. I'm still boycotting facebook, though.

But yeah, weight loss stuff?

Well, I've officially lost 75 now. I'm noticeably smaller than when I got married, which makes me think maybe it's time to pull out some really old stuff and try it on. I've revered all marriage weight gain, and some of college weight gain. I'm working on reversing freshman year weight gain, and then I'll be done with all that and ready to maintain. One accomplishment that has been nearly as huge as the weight loss is the fact that after a year, mom finally said good job like she noticed I changed something :P It's not that we have a bad relationship. We don't. We just don't have a very close one.

Honestly, though, if Celine is the only one that still reads this... you and I talk all the time on the phone/ txts :P

In totally unrelated news..

I'm not really watching TV much anymore on the bike. My ipad fits ok in the book holder, so I've been doing a lot of reading! Especially the free stuff you can get that is in public domain :P I figure.. if I'm going to be stuck in one place for 45 min, I should at least find a way to make it fun. Well.. being sweating and pecking at a touchscreen isn't that much fun, but enriching? Yeah.. the bike is pretty enriching. We'll go with that.

Anyway, got a bunch of free Lovecraft, so I'm reading some good 'ol American horror. After I finish this, I've got a Rudyard Kipling short story collection I'm going to start on. There are a lot of classics I've never touched, and I feel like I could really do myself some good to take the time to read some of this stuff. The best part about short story collections is that I can usually finish 1-2 stories per session. Some of the longer ones have taken me 2-3 days. Those are the worst, though. After investing two days into getting through some novella, it's hard to wait to finish it. Especially when it's getting interesting! (The Dunwich Horror took me 2 days+ some extra non-bike reading, because it got good and I didn't want to wait a day for the ending :X The Shadow Over Innsmouth, thankfully, finished neatly in two biking sessions.)
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So, that's from a while ago. I'm further ahead on Kefka now. I made an amazing collar yesterday and actually sewed the waistband together. You know.. so the pieces aren't just pinned on the dummy to make it look more exciting. Like they are in that photo >..>

The collar is coming along AWESOMELY. I'm happy with it so far. I still need to actually sew it on, but before I do that, I want to make sure that I managed to get the cape part done enough to actually attach the collar. I'm still trying to figure out the front. I didn't use a pattern, and I'm at a bit of a crossroads on the shoulders. I can either make two flat pieces for the front, or just attach a tie on there where it is. I ALWAYS have the option of just safety pinning it to my clothing, but I don't want my shirt sliding over my head :P I'm thinking about getting some fishing weights or something and putting them in the front of the cape to keep it balanced. The problem is.. if it slides too far forwards or backwards, the collar won't look right. It needs to sit "just so."

Once I figure out that part, I'll have to decide if I'm sewing all the little scarves and whatever directly onto the cape, or if I'm going to make a separate capelet that ties over it. I'm leaning towards capelet right now, because I'm wary of adding extra weight to the cape on just one side. A capelet with a lot of extra scarves could be positioned over the cape, but under the collar any way I like.

I also need to finish the sleeves and the neckline on the shirt. I can finish the sleeves any day now, but I'm procrastinating on it. The neckline needs to get finished only after I finish the cape, since the shirt isn't supposed to show under the neckline of the collar. I'm a little worried about it all since I'll be wearing a boob-squashing vest that goes kind of high, and the collar is currently low and accurate. I'm wondering if maybe I should tweak the design a little bit to help me cover my man-vest. I've already taken liberties in other places. I guess I'll just have to finish the sleeves and try it all on together to see how it works out.

Diet-wise, I haven't been eating too well lately. I've been feeling seriously snacky. I don't get it. I've been skipping meals or eating weird things for meals. I'm also struggling to keep my calories down. I'm not slipping backwards on the scale, but I'm not going to be where I was hoping to be for A-kon. I hope that I can get my calories lower so things start to move forward again, but I've been feeling seriously burnt out on it all lately. Working out has become a huge chore, and trying to make things that both work in my food ranges and are something Matt will eat is giving me a headache. If I don't cook anything, he just eats white bread with peanut butter& butter on it. I'm totally grossed out by the fact that he puts butter under the peanut butter. I don't understand it! Anyway, the whole topic of meals has become so frustrating that even if I ask him if he wants me to cook him something, he just grunts about peanut butter and I end up throwing my hands in the air. The whole thing is driving me crazy. Meanwhile, our acceptable dinners are limited to 3 flavors of burger helper, two types of chicken helper, and one type of tuna helper. When I try to feed him anything else, it usually involves vegetables and he turns his nose up at it. It's totally aggravating. There are things I used to cook all the time that I just don't cook anymore because of certain ingredients (anything with rice), or because I can't control my portions well with those kinds of foods (anything with rice?), so I'm feeling really burnt out on those few dishes we can eat together, as well.

Sometimes, I feel like I need a vacation from life, and shit isn't even bad :P

Which reminds me..

Yes, I live really close to West. We are ok, because we weren't THAT close. I think those people who said they could hear it all the way up in Dallas were smoking something, because we didn't hear anything. We are a 15 min drive away, as opposed to those dudes up in the DFW area that are like 75 miles from West. ANYWAY. What happened there was awful, and our community has really come together to support them. Right now, they are actually turning things away because they are getting TOO MUCH stuff! It's crazy. Most restaurants, stores, etc around here all have donations areas for West. They don't need most of the stuff people are gathering right now, so I really hope the extras end up at Caritas or somewhere similar. The thing they need most right now is money to rebuild. WestFest isn't for months and months yet, but I have a feeling it will be the biggest one ever. And really, as an outsider to the situation, the best thing I can do is hang back and stay out of the way. We're probably going to donate blood later, but not for a few weeks. I was reading a notice from.. uh.. it was either Red Cross or Carter.. that they had all the blood products they needed at the hospital, and they didn't want everyone to rush out and donate all at once. The people that needed the products were treated with what they had on hand already. In the coming weeks, however, they will continue to need more to replenish what was used and help other people. I told Workout Partner that if she really felt she needed to get up and do something, she should wait a bit, and I'd go donate with her later.

Ugh. Now Matt is ranting behind me and I've lost my train of thought. I look forward to tomorrow because it is the one day a week I don't work out. I hope I can keep my calories low tomorrow... and get a lot of stuff done on costumes. That would be awesome. Not listening to Matt rant and rave and be all Debbie downer about computer games would be awesome, too. There are just some things in life you never get, though :P
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17 April 2013 @ 10:47 am
Poor Livejournal. It's so dead! I've even been more active in the LJ cosplay community because there's not much going on here!

I am updating my costume schedule for A-kon again. I can't seem to figure out WTF is going on, so maybe writing it down will help:

Fri: Scarmiglione (FFIV), Bleach (MAYBE)

Sat: Kefka (FFVI), Pascal (Tales of Graces)

Sun: UHHHHHHHHH Yumichika school outfit?

So that's where I'm at now. A lot of it will depend on what time Jisha& I get there on Friday, whether we want to try to get to the Bleach photoshoot, and whether or not we want to wear ALL THE COSTUMES. Oh, and when we leave on Sun.

By the looks of my wacky hair, though, I may not even need to bring the Yumichika wig. We'll see! :O

My graces costume was like 75% store bought, and I'm totally cool with that. I think its' awesome that I could find most of the solids at places like American Apparel for a change, and that this costume involves a Tshirt and normal shorts. It's great! I'll have to decide how involved I want to get with altering things, and whether or not I will have time for a staff. I mostly finished the wig last night, so all I really need to do is make the scarf, the harness thing, and modify garments. Still up in the air about a staff. Might make one out of foamcore if I have time. I don't know the best way to cut foamcore, though, and I always have a problem with it. I am thinking I might try my electric turkey carver this next time. We'll see. Props can be a pain, and I don't know what will fit in Jisha's car.

I need to get some more work done on Kefka. Maybe this afternoon? Yay, cosplay!
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I was sick for a week, and it was gross. Before that, though, these things happened in no particular order:

Ray got a cat
Ray went back to Austin
I was sick
I did lots of costuming stuff
I purged the house of Ray's junk food
I hit the -70lbs lost benchmark
We got Nugget an automatic feeder. It's the SuperFeeder suggested by KT, and it works great
(I still don't get to sleep past 7AM because Nugget is dumb and can't figure out that I no longer have any influence on her feeding schedule)

I've been abusing twitter a lot lately. LJ just seems so dead. Even the spammy cosplay community has been quieter lately. I am sad to see LJ dying this slow, painful death, but I honestly don't regret paying the 150 bucks a few years ago for permanent account status. I don't use the million icons I could, but I have used scrapbook, and I think that price was a small price to pay for all that I've gotten out of LJ over the past 10+ years. (probably close to 15 now? It's crazy!)

That being said...

When I want to talk diet stuff, I usually post it in my diet blog on another website. I like the community over there, and I never feel like I'm being a pain in the ass when I need to work things out in my head. The dieting thing hasn't been going so great, but it's still going. Now that Ray's back home in Austin, I hope that things will pick up. For those of you playing the home game, the original goal was to lose 100 lbs in one year. I didn't. I did, however, lose like 68lbs in one year. That's ok. I'm not really keeping track of the weeks and months anymore. It's a pain in the butt. I know I'm getting close to the end of the first month of year 2. It really would have been helpful if I started this on the first of a month, but noooo. So, I was just counting 4 week increments. But yeah, I probably won't keep track of the time so much anymore.

To be within healthy BMI ranges, I could stand to lose another 35lbs. It seems like a ton, but at the same time not too bad, considering what I accomplished last year. I was thinking it would take perhaps 6 months, but it'll probably take longer since I'm not really going at the clip I was before the fall junk food season kicked off. I'm still going to work at it, but it's been much more difficult for me to feel motivated. I'm not really motivated anymore, and it kind of bums me out. I was so gung ho about it last year! This year, I'm like "yeah, I did some stuff. It wasn't enough. I still have so much more stuff to do. I am tired of doing the stuffs." Mostly, I'm getting tired of working out, I think. And tracking food. Wait, that's everything!

So, I'll continue to work out these issues on my diet blog and leave this one clear.

Unfortunately, that means I don't usually have a lot to post over here, and that also contributes to the slow death of LJ. >..<

I'll admit.. I've been feeling kind of lonely lately. I haven't really been leaving the house much, and that's probably part of it. I've been working on this Kefka costume pretty hardcore. I mean, I kind of feel like I'm slacking because I only do a little bit every day, but I am working on it consistently! I got even more done when I was sick. I took a day or two off from working on it because I am kind of dreading doing the second boot. It's less technically complex than the first one, but I think I'm just tired of boots. Maybe I should work on finishing the shirt. I still need to put a collar facing on it, and put some sort of arm bands on the sleeves. I think I'm going to try poofing the sleeves up a little with some bukram inserts or something. It needs a little oomph. Not a ton. Just enough to keep the sleeves up.

So yeah.. the twitters. I've been posting costume photos there pretty consistently because it's more convenient than LJ. It's a little more of a pain to deal with scrapbook and HTML and all that nonsense, when I can just point, click& post on the twitters. I think my twit name is @Pomatojuice ... but those of you that know my real name can just find me through there, because I put my real name on my account. I tend to tweet a lot from the exercise bike, because I don't want to be there anymore and I get bored while biking :P I chased away my workout partner, so I do it all alones now T..T

But yeah.. Kefka.. still so much to do! I should work on that other boot today. The con nightmares have already started, and I had a dream two nights ago that A-kon was like, tomorrow. My costumes were all at the point of completeness that they are now, and I was totally freaking the hell out. In reality, I have like 8 weeks still. I can finish Kefka in 8 weeks! I hope!

A-kon costume schedule:

Some Bleach Costume. Maybe Yumichika, maybe Kirio Hikifune. I haven't decided. It'll probably end up being Yumichika, but I really would like to wear Hikifune again. Maybe both??

Sat: Kefka, Scarmiglione

Sun: ??

Ok, so I really don't know what I'm doing for A-kon yet. I feel like I should figure it all out AFTER I finish Kefka. I never thought I'd ever make a Kefka costume, so I'm still feeling kind of nervous about how it will all look. It doesn't really matter how well I make it if I just look awful in it -..- So, I'm going to try really hard to make sure I get the makeup down and do a good job with the wig. I will maybe do a makeup test next week. Not sure.

I'm also going to try to get Ray's roommate to come back up and help me out. I helped him make his Sabin costume in one weekend. I'm hoping he can help me with my Scarmiglione. He still needs to finish his Rubicante, but I helped him figure out a cloak pattern, get it cut out, and make a rough hat form. I honestly have no idea how this hat is going to turn out. It was my first time working with buckram, and I didn't do a very good job :X It would have helped if I had a hat block or something better than a wig head, but I worked with what I had. He said he'd work on it on his own at home. I hope so! I don't think I'm going to have time to finish it for him. I gave him some options on the cloak. I think he's going to try burning cutouts on the outside, and have the purple peeking through be the lining. We'll see how it goes. My original idea was applique with heat N'Bond, but he got all excited when I told him about Makoto's use of a soldering iron to shape fabric.

I will try to update a little more often. In the meantime, if you are interested in the costume photos, please check out my twitter! When I am feeling less lazy, I'll upload something to LJ. In the meantime, I really need to hit the bike and get my workout done. I really don't want to, but I'm going to do it anyway.
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10 March 2013 @ 09:35 pm
Sort of?

Well, I AM looking at a lot of FFVI cosplayer photos. This one has an Edgar with the chainsaw& hockey mask as well as a freakin' Strago with a badass mowhawk. There is an awful lot of awesome going on here.


Either this is from the same convention, or this Strago gets around!


(There's a Gogo there that wasn't at the previous photoshoot, so who knows?)

That being said.. I finished my pants. I'm going to work on boots next. I will work my way up from there. I am also working on styling the Sabin wig. I still need to find a ventilating needle& holder before I can start work on the kefka wig, but I am very happy with this lacefront thing I got from Arda. Once I modify the hairline, it's going to be awesome.

Ordering to do:

Order ear tips. >..< Keep forgetting...

Decide whether or not I'm going to order a brown bodysuit for scarmiglione, or dig up a black one and just wear that.. need cowl for mask, need a latex bald cap that I can cut up and stick to mask for rotting skin

order EL wire for glowing eyes...

Gotta at least get stuff ordered so it's here when I need it. Even though I won't be working on my 4 fiends costume much until Kefka is finished. It still kind of weirds me out that I am making a Kefka costume in the first place, but I'm strangely excited about having both an Edgar& Sabin at the same photoshoot. We should probably get on Cosplay.com and try to find some Terras and Celes and Lockes and stuff. There's always a spandex Shadow running around that is desperate to get recognized. XD An epic FFVI group would be awesome.
HIDE your face
I felt like I should update just because I keep forgetting what week I'm on. So yeah. I'm almost done with YEAR ONE. I thought there would be YEAR ONE and maybe 3 months, but now it's looking like YEAR FOREVERRR. I mean, shit's not really happening for me, so it's going to take another 4 years to lose half of what I lost this last year. Oh well. That's life. Some of us just have problems when it comes so easily to others. I just feel like a big pile of suck. I'm sure those of you jerks that still read my journal looking for ways to be jerky will just love reading that. But whatever. I don't care, or I'd just make shit freinds only.

I am going up to Ft. Worth with Matt for his birthday/ our wedding anniversary. We're leaving tomorrow afternoon, and we'll be back on like Sat. or something. I was really stressed about finding a cat sitter, but that's not really an issue anymore, huh? Now that Senpu is gone, I only need someone to come scoop some food twice a day. I can't leave food in front of Nugget. She's like me. She will eat everything in sight.

I kind of started sewing a costume. Kefka will be a massive project, and I'm already discovering that I'm short on things like elastic, etc. I thought I'd be done with the pants by now, but I've been kind of grumpy and haven't felt like leaving the house to go get the stuff I need. I'm stubbornly refusing to start any other garments until I finish the pants& shoes.. but I need some elastic and D rings for the pants, and some new fabri-tac for the shoes. Boo. I'll work on that more later.

I also need to order my brown bodysuit for Scarmiglione, and go buy some burlap for my cape thing. It's going to be pretty silly. I'm ordering some EL wire to make the eyes glow red. Or at least look like red circles or something. I have a silly rubber halloween mask to go with it, too. This costume will be hilarious.

It's dinner time, I'm hungry, and I'm pretty low on calories for the day, so I'm pretty grumpy. I need to go cook something, but Matt has been driving me crazy. I hope we last until our anniversary trip :P Every time I get hungry for dinner, and it's around dinner time, I'll ask him if he wants to eat. His answer is "EEEHHHHHH" or something that sounds like that. So then I'll say, "Well, I'm hungry. If I make something, will you want some too, or should I just make something for myself?" This is already starting to annoy me, because cooking two separate meals is a pain in the ass. His answer is always something to the effect of, "It doesn't matter" or "I don't know" or "I don't care." Which is about the same answer I get when I ask him what he wants for dinner.

It drives me insane.

If I just go eat on my own, though, he seriously will eat nothing but peanut butter on white breat three times a day. -..-

So now I'm wondering if I should even bother asking him if he is hungry or what he wants. Meanwhile, while I think about this, I'm not actually cooking anything and getting hungrier by the minute. This is bad, because it'll lead me to either putting off eating something until just before bed, (bad) or snacking until I figure out WTF I'm doing for dinner (also bad), or just making whatever and overeating. Also, options A and B lead to overeating -..-

It's all driving me quite insane. And really, having my brother and his candy bucket isn't helping. I feel like instead of a 10th anniversary event, I need a vacation away from everyone. I need like.. a sabbatical from human contact. Yup. I am so full of grump today.
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