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A treatise on the complexities and differences between "fan" and "fangirl"

Well.. that's what this post SHOULD be about, but for the moment, it's going to be about me bitching about fucking fangirls. I swear.... Kiji and I are going to round them up (maybe at J-rock con) and do somthing really disturbing to them all.....
In my mind.. there is a HUGE difference between "fan" and "fangirl." And guess what? I think fans are better. The fangirls say fans arn't dedicated. Wrong. I just think that the real fans have respect, and not lust for the musician/artist in question. Thinking someone is good looking is not wrong. Gushing about how you'd love to feed pocky to two men having some odd sort of pornographic love fest in your lap while you lick their sweat off their asses and tell them how much you like gundam wing... well.. frankly, kiddos, that frightens me. You can't talk about music that way. You can't talk INTELLIGENTLY that way. And frankly, I think it is sick and disturbing. That's one of the main reasons I HATE fangirls. As much as I may love a musical group/author/artist/anime character, I feel rather comfortable with the fact that I am grounded in the real world, and confident that if I met the person on the street, I would be able to vocalize how much I respect them for their work, not gush how I'd love to leave them my panties. Sometimes the things you work to create get a little out of hand. Sometimes it's best to destroy them, lest you become too much associated with such an embarassment. Maybe I should just purge the damn thing. It's survived for about 3-4 years. It wasn't great, but it wasn't a moronic celebration of 11-year old pre-pubescent hallucinatory hormone stimulation... and bi-SHOW-nen. God.. I also hate it when people try to correct me on somthing when they're pronouncing it incorrectly to begin with. That really gets to me. Or maybe when I get emails from 12-year-old know-it-alls who try to solve the world's problems by 0\/\/n3rz1ng my Azz or somthing to that effect. Fucking fangirls. Though, for all I know it's someone I know just trying to piss me off. After Alexa and Jeff, I wouldn't put it past anyone anymore. Why am I so much fun to fuck with? Fuck with the fangirls, instead. Fuck them in the ear. Hard. bi-SHOW-nen my fucking ass. Kijima, they're all yours. I have no sympathy for them anymore.


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