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Max may be coming over today. I think there is a darn good chance that he will. :) That will keep me busy for a while, ne? I'll be very happy to see him, especially since he wasn't able to come for thanksgiving.
I've been working on my web page more and more. I have it looking somewhat decent now. I think I may want to re-do some of my thumbnails and stylize the site more. My freind Jared had some nice things to say about it, and it made me feel really good.
I'm getting frustrated with the CoK website. I haven't been able to get in touch with my webmaster in months...and the sheer lack of replies from EVERYONE I've emailed lately makes me wonder if my email works at all.... It's aoHell, and I have gotten responses from Max, etc.... but Geeze... ::sighs:: The whole situation is frustrating. I should have done the CoK website myself. Then again, back when we started this thing, I didn't have Adobe Photoshop, I didn't have a scanner, and I didn't know anything about websites. What a Dilemma...
::sighs:: and the worst thing is... I want to do somthing about it, but I'm so frustrated, that I don't think I could without feeling bitter. Oh well


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