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HE did it! Goat did it!!! I can FINALLY conquer FFX in peace now. Goat beat that cock-sucking mother-fucker of a side-quest chocobo race!! HAHAHAHAHAAH NOW I HAVE THE ALLMIGHTY CALADBOLG, AND CAN BEAT THE GAME WITH THE FULLY POWERED-UP FINAL WEAPON

You see, kiddies, I had refused to beat the game until I got that goddamned sword powered up, and have spent months between the game's release and this very day trying to beat that fucker chocobo trainer bitch and get a time under 0:00. I did very well today. I beat my brother's record, and got 1.1. BUT THAT'S NOT GOOD ENOUGH.


Goat came over and beat it after about 2 1/2 to 3 hours. Now I can go and beat it with the damage break on caladbolg. Huzzah!

I have everyone's stuff now except the Jupiter sigil for Wakka's weapon (Which I'll eventually get. I just haven't played enough blitzball) and Khimari's final sigil.. but who gives a rat's ass about the butterfly game, right??


And I've ONLY got 105 freakin' hours on that game.


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