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ARGH! I asked for my time off for AF TWO MONTHS in advance, and I didn't get it. Now I'm screwed over with 1 counter shift I can't seem to get rid of, b/c it's on a Saturday. Fuckers. I can skip the stocking shift, and I talked to some people to get sunday off.. but it's going to SUCK. I'll have Friday off, and probably Sunday.. and if I can find someone for Sat, it's good. IF not, I'm pretty much screwed there, and I'll have to flake out (for the first time ever). Then on Monday, they want me to basically drive home from a 4-day convention and go straight to work. >..< Fucking sucks! I'm so mad about that.. All I EVER want time off for are my 3 conventions every year. I ALWAYS put time in early for them, and it seems that people who put time in at the last minute get it and I don't. People are only allowed 1 shift change a month, and I don't ask for ANY... and the people that get shift change after shift change don't get in trouble. I want a different job that'll let me have my convention days off. And they say it's my fault. Fucking ARGHHGHGHGH

On the bright side.. I'm in this month's animerica magazine. Page 22, top left corner. Yay me. Not someone please kill one of my bosses, please.


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