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Sex is a funny word. If you say it, you're guaranteed to offend 90% of the people, and turn the other 10% on in a weird way. For that 10%, I learned KARATE

Anyway.. work's really wearing me out. Bleh. I haven't had time to DDR anymore, and all I've had time to eat is junk food. I've been putting on weight again, and it really bothers me. I don't know why it has to be such a struggle for me to try and stay in shape. I guess after AF, it's back to dieting& watching what I eat. I most definitely want to be in good shape for my wedding.. and that's far enough away that I'll have 2 PE courses tucked in under my belt to get all toned-down and stuff again.

I think tomorrow night, I'm going to go to a stip bar.


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