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29 July 2002 @ 11:08 pm
Woot. I found a toy  
Tommorrow is Ringo's birthday! Happy birthday, Ringo!


I got the bodysuit in for my bloodberry costume today. This makes me far more optimistic about getting the costume done. I need to buy some more spandex, though. Gotta make the white "socks" I'm not gonna go ghetto and use regular white socks, DO YOU HEAR ME?!?!?

So.. I found someone's journal today. Rather, I was directed to it while I was looking over someone's shoulder. HAHA. I'm not on this guy's journal, so as long as you all that know him don't tell him I know, I can talk about him behind his back (Just kidding!)

In any case... the whole situation reminds me too much of Ronfar (weird in it's own way, but not Ronfy-weird) and Fletcher. Maybe that means he'll have a really odd sex life in about 3 years! In any case.. it's just really hard to get along with men. You just can't seem to have decent male/female freindships w/o a certain between-the-legs out-board motor getting in the way, somehow.. and I'm not just talking about sexual attraction between the two individuals in question. I mean.. I've tried to be freinds with guys in the past.. and it almost seems like when they either
a) come to the realization that I'm unavailable
b) find someone they want a "relationship" with

you just can't be freinds anymore. They may say things like "oh.. we're still freinds." or "nothing's going to change b/c of her" it's all just a lie. They find someone else, and defect to the other side. Freindship lost. Thank you, drive through, have a nice day. I'm so tired of it.. b/c as my few female freinds know.. I just don't seem to get along with women in general that much.(As Makoto, Ringo, and Niko Neko will attest to)
I'd much rather be freinds with men. They're usually funnier& more entertaining, and easier to hang out with. >..< Until a or b happens.
That means, I can only make freinds with men who are in a serious monagamous relationship where no jealousy is present between the two lovebirds. Pain in the ass. IT's hard to do! I only really have two good freinds that way, and I'm engaged to one of them. It's not like I can just go around and have a serious relationship with every guy I just want to be freinds with. Sorry.. can't happen. Grow up, people! >..<
And when they realize that... POOF. No more freind.
My empty house this past Sat is proof of that. ('Cept goat and I got pretty smashed XD It was fun)
It just makes me kind of sad... and with this last one, I feel like I'm at fault. I mean.. I usually don't get crushes on my male freinds.. but for some reason, I was rather infatuated with the one in question. Some of you probably remember that locked entry a while back, right? >..< Well, I got over it... and supposedly, nothing in the freindship would change. (Despite the fact that we never really did anything to begin with. I just let him know about the crush so it would stop driving me nuts) But... hey, look at that! POOF
Some things just piss me off.
I wrote him a letter the other day, you know... A rather angry "Goodbye you liar.. it was nice having a freind like you.. for a few months. Baka" Letter.. and he just played it normally. "Ooops! I didn't forget about you, really!" (He stopped talking to me for about a month+) and "No really.. nothing's changed"
Bullshit >..< GRRRR!

And it doesn't help that I've cultivated this intense hatred for his kindred up in Dallas, either.
Current Mood: pissed offpissed off
President Evil: Fearing Sunrise-saddeis on July 29th, 2002 10:11 pm (UTC)
*hugs the frustrated and pissed off Kyo, hissing at everyone else*
Jeeze >_<;; I'm so sorry Kyo...
cosmicmonster on July 30th, 2002 05:03 am (UTC)
I know who you're talking about. I think? If it's who I'm thinking it is then you'd be surprised to find out how immature he really is. He really never had multiple friends till the last year and doesn't know how to maintain a friendship without the other person doing all the work. He's never on ICQ or AIM anymore. He says it's because he's chatted-out. At least that's what he tells me when I ask why he's never on.

I don't think you should assume it's personal. He told me awhile ago that he sensed your disdain for him and hid from you instead of resolving it. You've been dropping cryptic posts on the BB for awhile and it was hard to tell if they were directed at him or at the Dallas boardies in general. That's just me. Maybe it was obvious to him, though. Again, you have to remember that just because he's a few years older than you doesn't mean he's more mature than you. I don't think you've lost him as a friend yet unless you decide it's over.
The Drew...the one and only..your life..your worlddeathtoall on July 30th, 2002 09:16 am (UTC)

Hey Kyo
*hugs* It will be okay! I am betting that the person still wants to be friends with you and will give the friendship a fighting chance! Don't give up girl!