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I started Machi today... and while I'm sewing, I like to play stuff out of the CD player as opposed to listening to the TV. I popped in my new Buck-Tick CD. (Got it in the mail 2 days ago- "This is NOT greatest hits" ) Jupiter came up about half way through the disk, and now I realize that I'll never be able to listen to the song the same way again, ever. I remember A-kon.. and the Duel Jewel acoustic concert on Sunday. Hayato said that whenever he was having problems, or needed to think about somthing (relating to the band, songwriting, etc) that he always played this song. When they played the cover for us on Sunday, it was so emotional... even though it was "unplugged," the song had so much more emotion in it than the actual Buck-Tick song. I'd even say that they did a much better job with it. Hearing some of my favorite songs live was such a deeply intense experience for me, I'm not sure I can put it into words. While there is no doubt in my mind that Duel Jewel is one of the finest bands I've ever heard, live or otherwise.. there's somthing about the covers they played that made the experienve that much more cathartic, if you will.
Masako introduced me to the world of Japanese rock over 7 years ago. (That's a generous guess.. but really, not that far off :)
Unlike this new wave of VK fans.. I was around for a lot of stuff. I was a new fan at the end of X's career. I remember hide's death vividly, as well as Kami's, Kazuki's, and Shaisuke, among others. I've seen so many bands break up....

and as each one looses a member or breaks up, I'm deeply effected and hurt as if each band were my favorite. Instead of just having a favorite group, this genre has become my favorite.

There are so many very good songs out there from groups that will never preform them again... and it breaks my heart to no end. Even if I went to Japan, I'd never see a live for ANY of my first and favorite groups. Most all of them are gone now. There was no way of feeling that special rush of being in a crowd of hundreds upon thousands of fans to whom the groups music ment as much to them as it did to you. No language barriers.. no negative energy.. nothing but the music. For me, J-rock in general has been my little haven for the past few years... and soon to be a decade. (feeling old? >..< ) When I heard Duel Jewel play "Rocket Dive," I felt, if just for a while, that I had been given the greatest gift... (Well, actually, first I screamed, then wondered if they were only catering to the fangirls in the front with hide plushes.. but anyway..)
I know Makoto felt the same way when they played Rosier for her (Luna Sea).. and I felt it then, too. The group was so talented... they played the songs perfectly, and with their own finesse and individualism. On sunday... Hyato's voice soared through another Luna Sea cover, and when he played Jupiter, I nearly cried. It felt like such a release to finally hear things I'd been listening to for years played live by a group who knew what they were doing, and had probably even seen the groups themselves. That in no way cheapens the preformance of their own songs...
I learned about Duel Jewel from Saithe (Onece here on Livejournal) far before they were announced as guests for A-kon. When they were announced, I had the perfect opportunity to order a CD through Sophie. The official DJ website had song clips.. but only short samples, and I needed the real thing if I was going to be familiar enough with the band to sing along at A-kon...

The band, of course, was awesome in every regard... Artful musicians onstage... and carrying the poise, grace, and charisma needed to deal with rowdy fans without loosing their cool. I certainly hope that they do make it big, because it couldn't happen to a better group. They may never know how truly and deeply they affected some of us. I could try and put it into words on their BBS.. but I would only sound foolish.. and make myself out to be one of those fangirls I detest so very much... In some ways, it feels more intimate to type it here for the word to read, but not where they might check.. if only for my own grace.

I was going to write about my sewing projects, and how costumes were going.. but sometimes there are more important things, I suppose.. or at least more powerful things. Emotinally powerful.. which is ironic for such a soft song.


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