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not much..

Well.. remember that day when I was supposed to be working 6am-3pm last wed? It ran to nearly 6 pm. Oh well. Extra $$, right? I'll need it for car payments, too XP

I think I've found my big costume project for next a-kon.. and unlike what I'd originally thought.. it won't be involving a LARGE ASS set of armor. I figured my next elaborate outfit (to top silky) would be somthing with LOTS more armor.. butI think I'm just going to make somthing intricate and complicated instead. Not telling yet, though... I really want to do it as a group costume w/my ghetto sunshine XD So, if she doesn't want to do it for next A-kon, I'll probably find another costume. I have a whole year to find somthing complicated for next year.. so I have tons of time to change my mind. My big priority now, however, is getting bloodberry done.. and if I get her done early, then to get Nehelenia done.. or work on Kyo some more.. or somthing. Kyo's terribly inacurate.
I'm thinking about not wearing mana to Animefest. If I wore Mana to animefest.. that'd mean he'd have lasted a whole "Integral" cosplay season.. meaning the 3 cons I go to. I wore the mana costume for Ushi.. so if I wore him to AF, he'd have been to all of them. The thing is.. I've worn him for the big one.. A-kon, and won an award with it (as a member of Paperwings- If you read the paperwings journal, you know that our group won best of show at the J-pop cosplay event) so, because of that, I'm thinking about retiring it.
However- I wore the "new and improved" version of Kyo to last AF, and haven't done a thing with the costume since. Which means.. if I don't wear Kyo or Mana, I won't have any J-rock related costume for AF, and AF is a 4-day convention.
My other option is making a new J-rock costume for AF..
But AF is only roughly 2 months away, and I haven't finished my prelim group costume. So, if I did do a J-rock costume, it would have to be somthing simple. The first thing that comes to mind is Nao's pink kimono-thing.. but mostly b/c Jess& I have been talking Kagrra costumes lately.. so it's somthing I shouldn't do. I really would love to do a non MM or DeG VK costume, though... and somthing not too elaborate for AF. I have a good simple one planned for the future, but I haven't cut my hair yet.. and I wouldn't be able to do it with a wig b/c the hair is short. So... I guess I'm in need of a costume that DOESN'T require either
A) Dir En Grey
B) Malice Mizer
C) Miyabi from DlQ.
When I first started J-rock cosplay.. it was ok to do bands like that, b/c you were just looking for ANYONE that recognized you. Now.. I want to try to avoid the more "mainstream" vk bands to avoid the poseur fangirls XP
I do have a few Malice Mizer costumes planned in the future.. but those are a different story. One is one I've always wanted to do, another is one I've never seen anyone do.. ever.. and really loved. (this nearly completes my strage odd goal of having made a costume of nearly every MM member excluding vocalists) So.. that brings me back to square one.
There's an X costume that I've been looking at for a loooong time... and I think I'd absolutely love to do it... but I don't know if I'd be able to do the hair! It's from the era of insanely huge hair, and it quite beyond my skill level of anything. The rest of the outfit is fairly simple.. lol

In any case.. what to do? A kimono costume would be an easy project if it doesn't have a complex obi or a thousand and one rivets/studs/etc..hmm.. must search the net for somthing feasable and not over-done...
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