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Finally! The first DVD of Tenshi ni Narumon was released in the US! We got ours in a few days ago.. and I've had time to sit down and enjoy it. I didn't watch in in Japanese. I was really curious about what they'd do with the english voices.
You can tell right away that they put a LOT of work in finding the right Noelle. Her giggles and random noises are perfect. She even sings the same basic "melodies" as the Japanese Noelle. She sounds.. um.. more intelligent.. when she speaks, though. Noelle is a blithering idiot. They made her sound really stupid and cutsey in Japan. In the US, she still sounds stupid and cutsey.. and it would work.. if it wasn't for the fact that the US has a bad track record with female dub voices sounding like that all the time anyway.. XP hahah
So.. Integral's pics of the best& worst dub voices of english tennimon!

Noelle, Dispel, Yuusuke's freinds

Papa, Mama, Miruru (she was so close to being awesome.. but somehow fell short) and the Teacher. Scratch that. Most of the female cast was pretty uh.. bad. :(

I was really dissapointed in Papa's voice. I realize that the whole point was to make him seem more comical.. but he really just sounded like a drunken muppet.
Gabrielle was pretty cool.. except when he got excited, his voice sqeaked and cracked.
Michael's voice was almost there, too. There was just somthing about his intonation during his "poems" that I really didn't like
Silky was ok. She didn't completely pull off the monotone.. but her voice actress still seemed fairly talented. I'm interested in seeing how things go in the last half of the series.
Some of the monsters had pretty cool voices! :D
Sara's voice was waaay high-pitched. It wasn't bad Voice Acting.. but IMO, it should have been a little lower and "sexier" to match her character, and match a little more closely to her original voice.
Miruru was just annoying... she almost had the little "meows" and random noises down.. but her speaking voice was almost whiny. Bad Sailor Moon flashbacks.
Ruka/Luca's voice was really good. I was impressed :)
Baba's voice was ok- typical old lady stuff
Yuusuke was ok. It wasn't horrible, but I wasn't blown away. He pulled off the serious stuff really well. It just leaves me to beleive that US anime groups are trying too hard to make anime dubs high-pitched to match the original.. and in the process, they're basically knocking out the artist's chance to actually work with the voice and convey emotion. I'd be much happier with lower-pitched anime voices if there was actual acting involved.. instead of this forced process of making the voices higher, faster, etc.
Dispell- WOW! This was soooo good! Damn funny, too. Captured the character perfectly.
Somthing I thought was cool- They listed the original Japanese seiyuu first in the credits. ADV- take note, you soulless bastards! :P
They ALSO gave you 2 different subtitle options. There's your basic english subtitles, or your modified "otaku" subtitles.. which are VERY much like a fansub. They leave certain words in Japanese, and stick to Japanese cultural references.

Which brings me to the next neat thing they did.
Like a fansub, they actually put a notes section on the DVD where you can read about cultural references! Yay Sync-point!
They definitely get brownie points in my book. This is the most fan-freindly anime DVD I've EVER seen!
As far as cultural stuff-
Tansu/dansu was changed to Move/Groove. It worked well, and conveyed the basic meaning.
They also made an effort to try and include definitions of the weird cultural stuff as they went (in the dub)
Yuusuke: KAPPA?!?!
Miruru: Yep! Water Spirits!
Little changes like this, IMO, did not detract from the show itself, but worked really well in trying to help viewers understand a show that has entirely too many cultural references to be understood by your casual fan.

Also- Silky's "Wan" bit....
They had trouble here, but it worked in the end. They made up a set of running gags based on "bark, roof, & bow" It worked allright :)

All in all, I'm a very happy otaku. They didn't rape the series, and even gave you karaoke clips of all the weird songs the characters sing.


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