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Final Final Exam- 50 % chance of snow??

I'm getting all my holiday stuff ready.. I go home on Sunday. I haven't been home in about a year. I've seen just about all my family members at least once between that time.. but it feels a bit strange. I like it up here, and if it wasn't Christmas, I probably wouldn't have gone home.. but it is nice to visit every now and then. I hate summers down there, though, because it's exceedingly HOT..ungodly 110+ temperatures and all.. and my parents don't have A/C. ^..^ Now it'll be nice and cool down there, and I can wander about and sleep soundly w/o sweltering.
It may snow today, as well. If it does, it'll be one of the first times I've seen snow since I moved to Texas.. that's almost 13 years. I think it snowed once in South Texas during my senior year in highschool... about 3 years ago. It was a fluke of nature. It wasn't even that cold out.. it was really strange.. But now, it's 24 degrees up here in Waco, and there's a 50% chance of snow today... 80% chance of snow tomorrow... that makes me happy. For those of you who've lived in areas of snow your whole life, it must be hard to imagine. Down in South Texas, where my family lives, you can sometimes wear shorts in December. Imagine how strange christmas would feel if it was 75 degrees out, you're in shorts, and it's a nice day to go to the beach... It's usually like that year-around, so I suppose it's no wonder that christmas isn't the biggest holiday of the year for me. Aside from opening presents, it's really no different than any other day of the year. No snow. No meeting with relatives... all my relatives live in Wisconsin, Florida, or other areas of the country... It's more like a big birthday party for the whole family, but without all the singing. It's not a bad thing. It's just not like how you see it on TV all the time. It makes me wonder what it's like for other families. Decorating the tree used to be a family thing, but it gradually deteriorated to being one individual decrating it whenever they got a chance to pull it out, or whenever they felt like it. One time, we didn't take the tree down until July. At that point, I suppose we should have just left it up for the rest of the year, ne? lol.
Matt's mom wanted to know if we were getting a tree for the house. Matt didn't see the point, but maybe next year, I will decorate. Since I'm leaving this weekend, there isn't a point anymore, but perhaps next year....


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