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More work...

School has been kind of boring today. I wish I could go home already. I still have to go to work in about a half an hour, though... I need to try and read both halves of Don Quixote and both halve of the Tartuffe today as well. Ick. Have you ever felt like you needed to DO somthing? Not somthing crappy, like go to school or anything like that, but somthing artistic... like producing somthing beautiful. Usually when I feel like that, I take to my sketchbook, but lately I've been missing playing my instruments. I used to play oboe, clarinet, &bass guitar in highschool.. I used to march in the band as a member of the colorguard/drill team as well. It was kind of nice doing stuff like that...but lately I've been missing my oboe. I miss playing my bass in a jazz band as well. I could probably find a band here at the university, but I haven't played for three years, so I'm probably pretty bad at it now. Can't have that..... Maybe I'll bring up my guitar and amp when I come back from christmas this year. That would be pretty nice to have my guitar around when I felt like playing.
I'm also pretty pissed off at Viz video. Are they ever going to release the last two vol. of Key the Metal Idol on DVD???


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