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I've been so out of it lately... this past week that matt's been working, I haven't been getting any sleep.... I've been staying up late when I should be working on take-home final exams... I don't get to spend as much time with him as I'd like.. I've just been in a weird mood lately.
I haven't gotten much feedback on my chibi-rockers, either. It's makes me a bit sad, because since I drew them myself, I think they all suck (Except for the Gekka outfit Chibi Mana.. I love that one to death.....) oh.. and the chibi-hide-wanna-be. It doesn't look like hide, even though it's dressed like him. I like that one alot for some reason....I got one message from Saithe who said they were cute. Thanks! That made my day :) Otherwise, I don't know if anyone else has seen them or not...?
I plan on writing a bit about each of them sooner or later... I mean, there are a few sketches in there of a chibi-manga I was going to write 3 years ago called Malice in Wonderland, and it was going to have all of MM along with other J-rockers in the Wizard of Oz story.. and of course Mana would be Alice. I was planning on making Sugizo, everyone's fav. walking porn- the lion. It just made me giggle to picture sugizo in a lion suit. I drew the spice girls as flying monkeys, lackeys of Izam, the evil witch. none of the izam sketches came out right, but I have a scribble of the flying monkeys scanned in.. it's just a quick doodle, but I thought everyone would get a kick out of it. I haven't put it up on my website yet, though, because I wouldn't know where to put it. Maybe I'll make a seperate Malice in Wonderland section in the Chibi-rockers section that I'll eventually make on my art page. It's up in the air yet


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