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Wheeee! I'm dizzy

I was sick today.. but they didn't seem to care at work T..T
They wanted to try to get me home early so I could rest. I have to give them credit for that.. but because some Baylor girls quit RIGHT after being hired and put on the schedule.. they didn't have enough leeway on the shifts to let me out. There wasn't enough help, so I basically had to stay. Poor me. T..T

Anyway.. Last night, I talked to Rei's roomie, and found out that there was a chance he'd be in town. Long story short, we didn't get to hang out last night, but he stopped by the house today. Be more impressed with my house, Rei-kun!!!! (Just kidding!) We had fun, and I showed him Ebichu. :D

I smell the beginnings of a flame war on the majordomo list. I probably started it.. but there were some really rude things being said, so I blew the whistle.. and then the guy I was defending called me a hypocrite and was nasty to me for no reason. (For some REALLY weird reason, he mixed up the original flamer and myself. baka.) In any case.. hopefully the crap replies will stop.

I need to work on essays, yes.
Oh yeah.. Rei noticed I lost weight! Wai!!


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