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A-Kon stuff is a mess right now..

Here's what's going on:
Guy called me tonight and gave me an update on the events schedule for the con. Everything is so screwed up right no >:(

1) Duel Jewel Concert& J-rock dance are Friday night
2) A-kon Dance& cosplay are Sat night.
3)J-rock cosplay event is SATURDAY AFTERNOON! Probably around 2-3pm
4) stripping for the silky hat keeps falling off. Need to try new things on that

Soo.. Where does that leave me?
J-rock cosplay event: Say it's at 2. That means I need to start getting ready for that by 12 noon on Sat. That means I can either
1) Wear Silky Sat Morning.
2) Not wear Silky Saturday at all, and just wear Mana Sat morning thru cosplay
Which means
1) Silky only gets worn Friday
2)really fast costume changes between the J-rock cosplay and the Anime cosplay.

The other option.. which really isn't an option...
Is cutting out one of the cosplay events.
We can't do that. the other members of Paper Wings.. Mako& Ringo already have costumes made for the J-rock cosplay, AND we've already got a skit planned.

We can't cut out the anime cosplay, because that would mean either
1) no DiGiCharat costume coverage
2) DiGiCharat on Sunday
On top of that, we already have our skit planned out, AND it was my fault they didn't get a chance to do the cosplay routine at Ushi.

This is very stressful.

On top of things.. I still haven't had a chance to finish those shoulder pads at all.

It hit me the other day...
Since I started the new job, I haven't had a single complete day off to myself. It's either been work, school, or both.
I'm really stressed out about finishing the Silky costume at all.

I think I'm going to have an anyuresm. >..


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