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"If they'd ever told me that I'd find true love in everyway..."

".......Would I cry 'till tomorrow, would I keep the non-beleivers away?"
Well ok.. the ending of the song doesn't really fit the mood ("Did I try to deny we would fall apart") But the beginning matches the mood pretty well.

I've been receiving a lot of good news lately, ne?
Good news with school.. only one more semester
Good news with job... hey... I got one that I like pretty well :P
Good news with the Enigmatic M!!!(Akuma.. my boyfreind)

Here's the part I haven't put in livejournal.

I don't have a boyfreind anymore.. nor will I ever again have a boyfreind. If I was buddhist, I would say that I have freed myself from the illusion of having a boyfreind.. heh.
Anyway.. enough of that. No more boyfreind.
Instead... I have a fiance!
This morning, M proposed to me!
He woke me up this morning.. and was his usual silly self. HE was fiddling with my fingers& hands.. (which he does from time to time anyway) and took my rings off. I had a green band on that I bought in Mexico, and my emerald ring.. (the one he gave me for valentine's day) and then started to put it on my left ring-finger. I said "No... that's the wrong one!" because M knows that I wear the emerald ring on my right hand.. not my left :P Not the marriage hand.
He said, " I know." And then looked me in the eyes and asked me to marry him. How sweet! How romantic! How cute!
In any case.. I found out later that he'd been planning on asking me for our anniversary (Next month) but he couldn't wait ^..^ (Kind of silly.. since this was our 3rd year together anyway.. heh) He'd also called his mom a few days ago and asked what he ought to do about the ring. She suggested that we go out and pick one out together, that way we'd find somthing that both of us liked. :} I'm excited! I don't know what kind of ring to get, though. I'm not really that feminine in the way that I would know about rings and marriage, etc. I never really imagined that it was for me. I mean.. people traditionally get a solitary diamond for an engagement ring, right? Or is that supposed to be for the wedding ring? OR do both guy& girl get gold bands for wedding? Ahh.. I don't know. Maybe I'll go and find a really pretty opal, since I've always wanted an opal ring.
(Well.. I've always wanted an opal set in a silver ring.. or white gold.. or platinum.. but they always set opals in gold.. blargh.. and the ones set in white gold are usually horridly designed and incredibly tacky :P )

Anyway... this is incredibly exciting. I don't know when the ceremony will be. I don't really care right now. I could be engaged for another 3 years for all I care... I'm getting married to M!!!!!
:} I'm so happy!
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