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Nostalgia and stuff.

You know... I really need to be working on school stuff. This is my most stressful semester ever.. and it doesn't help that I have work nearly every day.. that means I get nothing done. And what's worse is the fact that I haven't really been sleeping well. Terrible insomnia. I really should be using this to my advantage.. and getting stuff done... but I'm "unwinding," I suppose. At least I didn't have to work today. Work isn't horrible.. it just doesn't give me much time for anything else.
But.. if I can live through this semester....
I'll be nearly done with school. I found out recently that I can graduate next semester. I only really need 1 more advanced class, and 2 more P.E. classes. Then.. I'll have my bachelor's in Anthropology. Wai.. then no more school! Then.. it's work... for the rest of my life.. so I can pay off school loans. Does it never end? Sometimes Buddhism sounds pretty darn good.
In any case.. I got STUFF done today! Mako, Ringo, and myself hung out and worked on Silky today. I worked on the bracelets some more.. and made a jewel for Mako's new costume. It turned out really well, but unfortunately, Ringo got paint all over herself ^..^** Poor Ringo ended up wearing my old vinyl pants and a taco bell shirt.. lol We got her clothing washed, though.. and the model paint is water-soluble, so it wasn't a big deal.
In any case... I also made the belt for the "obi." Ringo had found the perfect belt buckle for the belt.... if I could just find the velcro I bought the other day.. I'd be set... but I can't find anything in the friggin house right now!! >:( I can't find the sticky-back velcro OR the sew-on velcro. BAKA! >:P It's highly annoying. And now, I do think I'm too tired to look for the clasps I wanted to sew onto the "obi." I think tomorrow, I'll tackle the shoulder pads some more. There's a lot of work needed on those yet... and Akuma bought me an automatic hand-sander type thing... so I should be able to smooth everything out MUCH better now.That'll be good.. because I really want to get one more layer of fiberglass on there before I put the body filler on. Maybe if the sanding job turns out well, I'll just put the filler on there. I need to get a plastic squeegee to move it around with, though. I also need to figure out how I'm going to get the ribbing on there. I wonder if I should use some more of the weather stripping, like I used on the bracelets? I'll be using it on the tiara, too.. so I think I'll have to figure out how that'll work.
I was really lucky today, though.
It looks like after I bought out all the clear plastic christmas ornaments, they re-stocked. This makes me VERY VERY VERY happy. You see.. there's a LOT you can do with a clear plastic half-circle. I need them for various costume components, and they had run out. I bought the last ones.. but they wern't enough to finish the costume with. I was really worried about what I was going to do for the rest of the shoulderpads.. but.. it looks like everything's cool now. There are enough of the plastic bubbles for me to finish the shoulder pads.. and even enough for the hat. We also found some nice buttons.. and I bought some doll-eyes just in case. Things are going really well with the costume.

Enough about me, though.. Mako& Ringo did a lot of hard work today, too.. and finished the skirt! There are a few minor things that need touching up.. (Mako accidentally stiched a fold in the front the opposite direction that it needed to go.. hehe) but they did a super job. Poor Babbit couldn't handle how thick the skirt was, so Mako ended up stitching the entire thing by hand!!!! Sugoiiiii Maaakooo! Ringo helped hem a few random things, like the obi, and also cut the back of the skirt. It was supposed to gather up in the back, and they got it pinned up there perfectly. I can't wait to finish the armor.. and there are also a few other things I need to do.. like attach the lace to the corset-top.. and put some eye-hooks on things.. but I'm really excited about the costume.

Still can't seem to get the shoes dark enough, though...
Ah well. At least they're not too dark. As long as they're drying too lightly.. I can fix it.. but if they get too dark..there's nothing I can do about it.


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