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This is incredibly frustrating!

~~~What good is having a job and money when all you're doing is working? I haven't even had time to go out and buy more work clothes! There's tons of stuff I want to do.. and I CAN'T!
Ah well.. sacrifices must be made, ne?
In any case, it was Akuma's B-day Thurs. I think he had a good birthday. He wanted to open his presents right at midnight, though.. so he never really had anything to open after he woke up :P
His best freind is driving up from Austin sometime today. That's cool.. but Akuma and I had plans.. and now we're going to have to cancel them all b/c he's waiting for a phone call on when that freind will be there. It's frustrating as hell.. because when his best freind is around, I just kind of sit in a corner and mope. What's worse is the fact that his best freind has a new girlfreind now. That'll mean more people around the house that don't want to have anything to do with me for a weekend... while preoccupying my boyfreind, whom I had plans with. I think I'm just going to hide in the closet.. Except I can't. I forgot. I have to work.
I mean.. it's not like work is horrible. It really isn't. My part-time shifts are only 4-5 hours long.. that's it. They're really pretty short.. but just long enough to keep me from making ANY plans for the day. That, and I don't have a car. So.. even if Akuma was unavailable, I couldn't LEAVE and do somthing even if I wanted to. I'm subject to sit around bored while Akuma goes off to play with his freind. Usually, between the two of them.. they manage to take up the computers, TV, everything..... so I can't settle down and do one thing. If I choose the PS2 or PSX, they'll want to mess with somthing there... so I'll leave to mess around on the computer.. well.. 5 min after they finish messing around there, they'll decide they want to use the computers. While we have more than enough for everyone, I HATE being in the computer room when those two are playing games, b/c they're loud. -..-* Jumping out of my seat every 2 seconds b/c people are screaming or saying somthing dumb isn't my idea of a good time. So.. I try to stay out of the way. Even if I sit around bored as hell T..T It makes me very sad. I realize it's terribly shallow and stupid of me to expect Akuma to want to spend any sort of time with me when his best freind is visiting from out of town... but I had plans with him this weekend! HE'd just finished his 3 straight weeks of work.. he finally gets a week off.. but we haven't gotten a chance to do anything together b/c he's either been asleep, or I've been at work.. and we had plans this weekkend.. and now his freind is coming in town, and once again, I don't get to do anything.
I have a store meeting to go to tomorrow morning at 7 AM. That means I need to be up at 6 AM, and I should probably be getting to sleep now. After that, I have to work later in the evening. I have space between there, BUT.. Akuma has to wait for a phone call from his freind. That means I MIGHT get to go buy more clothes for work.. but I won't get to go out and do anything. I also need to deposit my pay checks. Why does it seem like I only have enough time to go out and get WHAT ABSOLUTELY HAS TO HAPPEN done, and not do anything I like anymore? Work sucks like that. I want to win the lottery, be a spoiled brat, and not work anymore.
Akuma, in the mean while, bought himself a crapload of new toys, like a brand new frooking expensive digital camera, and a new printer that can print photo-quality pictures on photo-quality paper, edge to edge w/o a white margin. Looks just like you got them out of a photo lab. Yay for him. :(


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