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My cat is evil.

With that said...
Akuma's Berserk toys came in today. I want to go over to the game closet and pick them up, but he's taking a nap :P
Poor guy.. finally got a week off, though.. You know, at the end of these past 3 weeks, he's racked up over 200 hours at work. His birthday is tomorrow.. meep. I gave him a present yesterday b/c he was kinda down.. and he really liked the poster I found for him :} I still have somthing nifty for him to open tomorrow! Ohh.. I should go to the store tonight and get a cake mix or somthing so I can make him a birthday cake. XD

Other big news:

Heh heh heh. There was a grand purging of the refrigerator yesterday! AHAHAHAH! And lo, the melon was gone. I really don't know what to do with all this new crap that's been popping up at my house :P Damn cat... I know he gets out and grabs things to put in the fridge just to vex me! :P I found some hot pockets in the freezer today. I ATE THEM! MWAHAHAHA ::is evil::
Chances are, the hot pockets belonged to Ringo or Mako. They really are lucky that I ate them, though.. b/c they were freezer-burned and wouldn't heat up right. Ick. I'll probably end up buying some replacements at the store today :} In any case.. anything worthwhile that I eat that I find here will get replaced by the end of the break. I didn't eat the melon, though.. I threw it away. I'm not replacing that, though.. lol
Stale stuff got thrown away.. food that had gone bad got thrown away. I think I need a new box of baking soda in the fridge, though :P
Ringo left some Jalepeno cream cheese in the fridge. I'm not going to throw it away b/c it's new and unopened.. but trust me.. that's not somthing I'm interested in eating.. lol
What do you DO with jalepeno cream cheese, anyway???? ICK! XP
With Akuma off work, and my house pretty much devoid of visitors for a week, I'm finally getting some headway in cleaning the house. It makes me happy to have everything nice and squeaky clean again :) I'm not touching the dining room, though.. heh. That's where we stash all the cosplay stuff, and I'm not even going to bother with that until we get all the A-kon costumes done :P It's pretty much pointless, b/c we'll just end up dragging things out again when we need to use them. Hopefully, Akuma won't need the dining room table for anything. If he does, TOO BAD! MWAHAHAH
I feel so evil today. It must have been the house-purging. >:} I've decided that I'm going to wear my stripy tights& vinyl out to the restaraunt today, too. Probably has somthing to do with the evil mood.
In any case, with everyone gone, I hope to get the floors and carpets cleaned really well.. and get caught up on the dishes. Now I feel bad for my mom, though. When we'd never bother to straighten up the house back down at my parent's place, it was like having 3 houseguests all the time :P Maybe I'll start being a house Nazi and make my guests throw their trash away and clean up their dishes.. lol Not exactly very good behavior for a hostess, though. Like when I went off on little bitch about pulling out anime tapes to watch, and then stacking them up all over the house. That really pisses me off :P When I went off on him about that, he gave me this alien look and got really bitchy. Ah well. He sucks ass anyway :P Mako puts tapes away.. so that just means Little Bitch is bitchy XD hahaha
Blah.. ranting about random things... and I still feel evil. Granted, I'm not really pissed off about anything, but evil rants didn't get it out of my system. Maybe I'll go purge the cat.. rotflmao


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