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2 Mt Dew, + 1 can carmel corn, + 1 large container of gummy worms, + 3 box andes mints = ?????

Hiya minna :D I have an art section up on my website now.. sort of... I made the art page, but haven't gotten enough normal art up yet to make my sub-sections, so right now, all that's posted up there are the Chibi-J Rockers. Ne, Kiji-kun, you should make a Chibi-Shock webring or somthing. I want to join the chibi-shock project and spread Chibi-Jrockers everywhere... the name is just too nifty..

Also.. I should be updating my Dirty Cel Collection soon, but It depends on whether or not I can concentrate on making Thumbnails with all this sugar and caffeine... NIAO **dokkkaaaaannnn**

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