HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face

Look what I did today...

I've never really designed a website. I mean..I designed the one that LJ is linked to right now.. but you have to admit it's pretty crappy. Still.. I'm proud of my crap.
In any case..I decided to try my hand at making a layout for the new site. I don't know how anyone will like it, though... it's ok. I don't have a nice font to write on it with, though.. but I want the text to be in red... and I have a few floral backgrounds that can go on the main page.. or maybe somthing in red. I'll have to ask Mako when she gets back from Houston. T..T (Mako.. do you realize what typo I just made? "Manko" AIEE!)
In any case.. here's a little thumbnail

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