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Damn me, and my bondage costumes!

XD So funny... everything must be bondage, yes! haha

Anyway ~..^ :P
Mako& I got a lot of costume stuff done. She& I worked on cutting out the fabric for the skirt&top... I finished cutting the paper mache on the shoulder pads, and I'm getting a hell of a lot more mobility out of them than I expected. Yay! I can't finish them until
1) we finish at least the sleeves.. or the top& sleeves
2) we find a paint color that's closer to the color of the material

That's where the problem with my artistic licence lies. I'm not making puffy shoulder pads. They'd end up looking bad. So, I'm going manga. That means, I get armor. However, the armor STILL has to be the same color as the cloth. Setback. I need to shop around some more. I've already bought 2 cans of spraypaint that I thought would work :P Sadly enough, the car-paint and the spraypaint have ended up being the exact same color.. lol Must find a better blue!
I have so much other stuff to do. I REALLY REALLY REALLY need to get caught up in my reading for Japan, but the website is calling me... it's not up& working yet.. but I can make things for it, none the less :P
Darn it, and my conflicting interests.
And I wish I'd stop feeling sick, already. :P It doesn't feel sicksick, but like a massive allergy attack. Maybe I should be taking my claritin. That might help :} I usually don't need it.. so I don't use it.. but it might help me fell better now ^..^

I got my Soyokaze anime order in :D
Now everyone's going to decide they want to come over to my house and visit. Especially b/c the list of stuff is so nifty..

Ebichu Minda the House/Ebichu the Hamster V1
Tales of Eternia V1&2
Star Ocean EX V1
Galaxy Angel V1
X TV V1 (1-5)
Di Gi Charat Christmas Special
Pretear V1&2

Yup... now everyone will want to come over and visit b/c I have things they want to see. I guess I should clean the house or somthing.

Oh.. and I got a really cute Yuusuke cel in from Tennimon. He's awfully cute... but I don't think I'll be picking up many more tennimon cels after this. They've gotten really expensive.. and I'm really only missing cels of a few characters.
I don't have any (nice ones, at least)of:
the teacher
Yuusuke's freinds

That's about all I'm after.. I have decent ones of everyone else, basically. Maybe not gorgeous ones.. but some decent ones. That'll be the advantage of the new domain. I'll actually get to maintain a cel gallery on the net. I'm excited :}


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