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Oh yeah...

And I find it incredibly hilarious that the shy cashier at BurgerKing today flirted with me XD
It's all about the mascara.. lol

In any case.. We decided on a name for our cosplay group. It was mako-chan's idea, but since the .org website was available and the name was so pretty, we jumped on it.
Our cosplay group will now be named "Paper Wings" /Paper Wings Cosplay, or whatever.. hehe
and I decided on my cosplay name, too.
I decided to go with "Integral"
Lots of different reasons.. one of the main ones being that's the name of the chick from Hellsing. She's the great-grandaughter of Von Helsing, and she's the head of the Helsing orginization. She's intimidating, in charge, and expects quality. Yup. And a bit of a Nazi, just like me XP

Our new webpage will be http://www.paper-wings.org

We just need to get it up and running. School is busy now, and stuff.. so we don't have a whole lot of time. I think Mako's going to end up stranded at my house the day after tomorrow for a while, so maybe I'll hunt down some graphics or somthing for the page


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