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Let's try this again.. GRRRRAAAHHHHRRRRRrrrrr::meep::

::sighs:: I had a post... but the computer locked up... I don't even want to count how many times that's happened since the last time I actually successfully posted...The long and short of my life in exile:
1) crappy Lang&Ling oral report- freind is sick, but comes to class just to see it
2) I "mysteriously" become sick and stay misterable my entire frigging weekend off, spilling onto the last few days of class
3) I become severely depressed
4) I feel better when I find this exceptional costume company, and I begin to think that I have a chance to have a good costume for A-kon
5) I find out that not only will it cost over 1,000 dollars for a near-perfect Alexiel cosplay costume (which I am willing to pay) but that the costume company is booked for a year solid
6) I get depressed again
7) I decide that I'll work on my Kyo costume again.....and maybe..Just maybe... someone will notice me this summer
8) I remember that sasara from basara when dressed as tatara wouldn't make a bad cosplay outfit
9) I get depressed again-I can't sew, have no help, and arn't even 100% positive that I can make it to A-kon
10)the computer crashes just as I am making a rather lengthy post here...and I still don't have any vinyl or leather pants for my Kyo outfit....

My nose is chapped and it hurts. Life sucks right now....Maybe Matt's mother will help me with the outfit.. or perhaps my own mother... I don't know.... I also want Kaoru's dojo clothing... My dad has a set of bamboo shinnai practice swords... I'm certain I could borrow them.....::sighs::
Is it so wrong to want my picture up on an A-kon cosplay page? I looked all over the net.. I'm not even int he background pics, and I was in the halls & dealer room most of the time.. it's like I was never there...

Maybe I'll get the sasara cosplay outfit together... It's simple enough.. if she can help me sew it.. I'll feel better, I suppose...
I looked into making the Alexiel outfit myself.. and I'd be spending a sh*tload of money on materials for her 3 wings alone.. I'd be better off letting that company make the costume for me.. but he won't be able to even discuss it with me until spring of 2001... and I seriously doubt that if I talked to him in the "spring", general term as it is, I'd be able to get the cosplay outfit in time for A-kon... but there is always halloween and other occasions... grr....can I really justify spending that much money on it?

I need a place to fit.


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