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hokahoka gohan :}~~

M& I did STUFF today.. hehe.
I don't have Geo lab until next week... so I actually had time to eat today. So... I asked if he'd want to go to lunch between noon& 2 after I took a present to Mako-chan. We took off, but baka didn't tell me he'd already eaten :P I would have just gone home. In any case... we ended up at Cathay House again. Yay! I liberated myself and had the Beef Lo Mein... and rice! I hadn't had yummy hot rice in so long.. while I was eating it, I kept thinking of that spastic episode of Di Gi Charat... hokahoka gohan! Yay!

Incidentally.. it was all kind of pointless, because the class from 2-5 pm was canceled.. heh


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