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92.. Or should we say 95?

Jeff-kun visited me this past weekend. XD I'm so happy! I love talking to him. He came by Sat, and stayed until Sun.. then since I didn't have class today, I convinced him to stick around until noon this morning.. hehe. Last night at somthing like 11:30 at night, we made breakfast. If either of us get sick, though, I'll know it was the sausage. I wasn't sure if I should trust it or not.. but since it was frozen for a week, it should be fine XD
We played with Senpu a LOT this weekend.. and he still bit me hard enough to break the skin and make me run for band-aids. Somthing isn't quite right about that cat...
We also did lots and lots of stuff. I think the best part of the whole weekend was going out to eat with him. I decided I was sick and tired of my diet, and shared dessert with him& got a strawberry Daquerri (sp?) -..-** Now I know how much rum normal people put into them.. so I think when I make them, it's really just fruit-flavored rum.. heh... Would you like a little ice with your alcohol?
I swear.. I learned it all from my parents. :P lol
I had so much fun this past weekend.. and especially after reading Zoi no Miko's journal, I think I have everything straightened out for myself now, too. I mean.. it really wasn't an issue, ne? I was just making a big deal out of everything.
Also, I got a lot more cosplay stuff done. We didn't work on Jeff-kun's at all.. but I have 6 complete puffer fish. I will probably end up putting one on ebay, I think. I'll have 8 by tonight, as well as the "B" for Goat-Boy's costume.
MAko-chan and I still haven't made the headband for GB's costume... -..-**
I wonder if I'm spreading my sewing skills too thin. I mean.. I'm not really doing a lot.. but because it takes me so long to do it well.. I wonder if I shouldn't have volunteered to do so many things for other people's costumes when I only have 1 out of my 3 completed. -..-
M had to email Spider's Web today and tell them to just ship everything they had. Apparently some of my order was out of stock.. and they were waiting on the whole order to ship it. Damnit! I want my cosplay stuff! This is frustrating!
At least my tights came in for the mana costume. Worst comes to worst, I'll have to skip the vinyl gloves for the Mana costume and use evening-gown gloves. Not the same, but it'll work in a pinch. The rest of the costume is complete. I almost wish I'd have a chance to go by a Hot Topic's before the con, though. My face cream is wonderful, but I don't have any white facial powder to set it with. My makeup might get a little messy late Fri night. Ah well ^..^
I wonder if I should use black on my lips after-all?

Oh yeah! And the subject line refers to the typing tutor speed-test I took over the weekend. I'm clocking at an average of about 90 WPM now... well.. when I have what I want to say in mind, at least.. when I have to copy stuff down, etc, I suppose I average a little slower, like 75


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