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Weird thought...

You know what just occurred to me? With my hair the color it is now, I could cosplay as my livejournal avatar XD
I wouldn't be allowed into the con for showing nipple, though.. lol (nor would I want to wander about a con with nipple showing.. but still...) There are ways around the nipple! XD
That would be funny, though... Not a single person would recognize me! (Maybe I'll do it for A-kon.. heh)
Too many costumes!
I love all 3 of these Ushicon costumes.. and I REALLY hate to retire the Sarasa costume after only 2 cons.. >..<
But if I have

Mokona Appapa

AND I decided to add

Succubus from Castleviania: Symphony of the Night (consored version.. lol)
Nehelenia (Sailor Moon)

What the heck would I wear to A-kon??? XD
I MUST wear a J-rock cosplay. That is the law of the universe. I'm so damn proud of this Mana one, too. I know I'll be wearing that..
But the Di Gi Charat cosplay& the CLAMP cosplay are too darn cute not to wear... >..<
Even if there will be 5+ Rabi~en~Rose cosplayers at A-kon this summer :P
Maybe I should do the Nehelenia for Sat, and do some sort of group stage thing with Rabi >..< Oh my!
(I love this hobby)
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