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Money! It's a job....... I think?

I think I'm going to make my LJ subjects like anime episode titles whenever I can't think of a subject of my own. Then again.. if I'm making it up in "anime episode title-style," then it's sort of original, ne?
In any case..

Job interview today! A freind of mine called me yesterday and asked if I was still interested in that position at Hastings. I was surprised, mostly b/c I'd given up on it. I mean.. that 2nd interview didn't go very well.. and I think that just because someone can't work 3 days they'd already made plans for.. that's no reason whatsoever to deny them a long-term job :P (As in 2 or so years for certain?) Well.. Beth was wonderful.. even though she had to work, she arranged a ride for me last night& everything, b/c I didn't have one. I'm almost positive I have the job this time, too. The manager I interviewed with again basically said that after my drug test, when the results come in, I start scheduling days to train. It'll be nice to be earning money again. Though.. I must admit that I like NOT working.. lol
I need to build up a lot of money in my checkbook so I can pay off my student loans, though. I want to have lots, so I can make a few extra payments and lower my interest, etc. Also.. so I can help out with the bills around here and have money for costumes and conventions, etc. It'll be nice.
The downside is the fact that I need to go in and take my drug test by 4:30 tomorrow. I have to go into some clinic by Tony Roma's and take it there. They close at 5:30, I think.. so I can't take it today.. and I have class until 5 tomorrow. It's ass, b/c I don't have any available time to take it >..<
I'm supposed to have my Geo lab tomorrow, but I remember somthing in class today about lab not starting for 2 more weeks.. so maybe I'll be able to find a ride then. I think my lab time is during Mako's class, though, so I don't think I can ask her.. and M's working this week. I know if I ask him, though, he'll take me. I really don't want to, though, b/c it's my koibito's work week. He needs he sleep, and he shouldn't be driving me around when he needs to rest :P Sometimes he's too sweet for his own good.
I also start karate tomorrow. I had it Mon.. but we basically just went over the syllabus. I have lots of homework for tomorrow, too! Ack! I'm going to try to get it all done tonight, and still have time to work on my puffer-fish. I hope to at LEAST scan the picture in tonight.. then I can work on cutting everything out later.
I went to the store today.. I can't find my inking pen, and I think I MAY have left it in Mako-chan's car. If I didn't, though.. it's lost.. so I wanted to buy one when I went shopping today. -..-** I bought all sorts of stuff, but completely forgot to get a pen. Fweeb!

I think if I finish my homework, I might even give a better summary of this weekend's events, too :P


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