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Damage Report

Well, the party started late Friday without a hitch, really :}
It was great. I hope people didn't think I was anti-social for leaving for extended periods of time, though. Occassionally, I needed a break from the dull roar, and Mako-chan and I retreated to work on costumes or hide XD
I'm not entirely certain how many people showed up. I could count, but it'd be a pain.. lol.
I'm very happy, though. ^..^ One person told me that it was the best BBS party to-date. I think that made the weekend for me. That, and seeing him in a skirt the day before... lol
I don't think I heard Tonsei say that ANYTHING was against his religion this past weekend.. hehe. Everyone helped with food, and we had just enough to have nearly-empty bags& containers of everything, so it all worked out good. I sent the extras to the family of the Goat, b/c apparently his siblings will eat it :D

I'm a bit of a slacker, though.. if it wasn't for the nightmare I just had while napping, I probably wouldn't have updated my journal.

In any case, I haven't found anything irreparably messed up, and we've cleaned a vast majority of the house already. Cosmic stayed longer than he had to & helped move furniture around so I couldsweep& vaccum. The fruits of this cleaning were:

1 umbrella. (Beleived to be Genki-Gal's, lost IN the couch for months!

1 plain black barber's comb (Not mine, and no clue)

1 pair plain black sunglasses, kinda stylish (Not mine.. but maybe someone else knows? I called on these items a few times when everyone was leaving, but no one answered. Mystery!)

And so far, that's it. No unpleasant surprises, etc... but knowing us.. if somthing IS missing, we may not find it for a while. We're bad about that. My koibito, I think, had more fun than me, even :}
He got to play a couple of really cool group games that we haven't had a chance to sit down and mess with in a long time. He stayed up most of one night playing the Great Dalmuthi with about 6 other people Sat. night. I'm so happy that he had a good time ^..^

I might type up more later.. I'm pretty sleepy, and some guy on ebay is trying to give me negative feedback for an auction I already paid for -..-**
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