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No one's here yet and I already feel like sending everyone home!!

We got sooo much food for the party.. I bought big things of chips.. I was thinking about making quiche, and we have soo much soda..

So why can't anyone tell *me* they're not coming?
This morning I found out from other sources that 3-4 people who I'd assumed were coming can't make it. If someone can't make it, for whatever reasons.. that's fine. I can respect that. I just wish they'd tell me themselves. I don't even think Drew's coming, b/c no one knows where she's getting a ride from! Argh! From the weird-ass messages I've been getting in messanger from some of the other guys, I feel like they'd rather be in Houston or Dallas or anywhere but my place. Yes, I said it would be here. No, we don't need to move it because there was weird weather last week. No.. really, you can meet at my place straight away and not drive all over the state >..< It hasn't even started yet, and I don't think I want to do this again. I hate it when people can't even decide if they're going to drive their own cars. Mwah. I'm not complaining about any one person, really.. I'm just in a ranty mood because this is frustrating. Grarrgh!


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