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Well.. I was bidding on a pretty darn nice Angel's Egg cel on ebay, but I lost it. I didn't want to pay more than 45 bucks for it.. and Angel's Egg cels almost always go for over 200 from private sellers. This one sold for 85.... but that's ok.. B/c I'd much rather have the CLEF CEL! I hope it comes in soon T..T I have all this nifty stuff coming in soon, but because of the holidays, I have no clue where all my mail is. (Translation: Mako-chan.. it's time to giggle at doujinshis... when the come in)I have 4 cels I'm waiting on, 2 doujinshi. 1 big package from Spooky Boutique.. (Ruffly panties for my Rabi costume, new goggles, hide-ish sunglasses, purple& black stripy tights, and vinyl gloves. Only half of that stuff is actually for cosplay.. lol.. I'm also waiting on my lacy tights for my Mana costume, and a D'avid Cd/Book ltd. ed. fanclub thingie.
The D'avid book is coming from a really nifty seller I met on the J-Rock store Yahoo! Groups ML. She knows a hell of a lot more than your average J-rock fan. I'd put her right up there with Masako on her knowledge of indies stuff& key party. She, BTW, is also the one I got that massive shipment of CDs from the other day. I like her. ^..^ We've been emailing each other back and forth for about a week now, just rambling on random J-rock topics. Because I've already bought 2 things from her, she's going to hold a Pleur CD for me (La premiere Porte album) for a little bit until I pay her. It's nice to have more J-rock fans to talk to. Some of the really younger fans I met a A-kon were relatively new to the scene, and it's nice just to talk to the older fans again. We talked about how the message boards have degraded, and how the MLs don't ever have anything good in them anymore.. lol random stuff, ne? In any case, it's a nice breath of fresh air. I'm happy ^..^
I'm still obsessed with cosplay! And it's frustrating me, too, b/c I don't have a SINGLE costume finished! The mana one is sooo close to being done.. and the CLAMP one will be done when we get our jerseys. I don't know when that will be, though. The T-shirt people were so nice to us, b/c we didn't give them any hard times in designing our shirts.. and we didn't want them the very next day. I told them that as long as we got them by the day before the con, I'd be happy. We were supposed to get them this week.. but there was a death in the family of the lady who sews on all the letters.. and since ours needed custom sewing, it'd have to wait. I panicked a little, b/c I wasn't sure we'd get everything in time, but she said that we should have it by the convention, no prob. I'm glad, b/c even though I was worried, I didn't want to say anything out of respect for the poor lady who lost someone. IT's the kind of thing.. when you hear it, your mind just kinda blanks out and you go quiet. It changes everything. But.. later.. now I'm bouncing around freaking out about my costumes again :P I've been practicing my makeup, but it's not turning out very good. Maybe I'll try again tonight before I take a shower. I'm very happy Genki-Gal & Mako-chan will be helping me :} I'm lucky to have such great freinds that share the same interests. T..T It's appropriate that I'm playing Mokona, though.. (Or should it have been Ohkawa??lol) B/c lately, I've felt like a cosplay nazi. No! It must be like THIS! Schnell! Blah. Everything will be fine.. I should be worrying more about the party at my place next weekend. Everyone's hyping it up to be the best one yet. Oh my!


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