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I feel so dirty! XD

Arrgh.. sometimes non-confrontational people get on my nerves!
Solve your problems, people, don't hide from them and wait for someone to save you!

Ahh! now that I got that off my chest ~..^

I've been reading a lot of websites, etc about sex lately. I guess there always has to be some sort of distraction/obsession for me when I get in these kidns of moods... Not horney, you peverts...
Sleepless :P
I've been looking for people to chat with.. boards to check out..
Just not much to do. I keep thinking about cosplay.
Since I still plan on taking a shower before I go to sleep, I'm thinking about trying out some of my new eyeliner, and working on my "mana lips." I love how, when you have a lot of whiteface on, and a bright light directed at your face, you can re-draw the shape of your lips however you like. Mana and hide did that a lot. Heck.. mana probably still does. (You know he's just sitting back on the couch at home in a stained wife-beater with a beer, though.. lol j/k) Perfection through makeup. I'm not a big make-up person, so I don't know any cosmetic techniques... but it's so fascinating.. how you can go from looking perfectly normal.. to with the right makeup and lighting, you look perfect and chiseled. The contours of the face become so smooth that you look like a perfect little statue or doll. I love hide's brow-line. You know.. he used to be a beautician. I want to do my make-up correctly. With mana.. that bitchy blue look is everything. If I can't get the drowsy eyes and the bitchy lips, it'll just be a mediocre cosplay. Wish me luck!


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