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Stuff and a dissappointment

Ok, so I found out I do have an Ever Anime Disk. (For Shame, Becky! He-yah! ::whipcrack::) I picked up a Raphael ever anime disk because it had almost 2 complete albums on it and was only 15 bucks.. I hadn't heard enough of them to shell out the $$ for a commercial disk.. then I found out that I like them quite a bit... Now I feel guilty....
In any case, nothing special came up on winamp for the Ever Anime disk. I should probably check my other SM disks and see if the same mocking text pops up... heh
Also, I got an email from Max today.. he's not going to be able to make it at all this time. I told him that I wasn't too upset about it, but that was a lie. I don't even know why I sent him an email that said I wasn't... I was really looking forward to his visit, and I did all sorts of house cleaning. I even swept all the dead leaves off the wooden deck (And within 30 min, it looked like I hadn't done anything... damn fall :P ) Matt said that it was ok, because it was all stuff that needed to get done anyways.. but still.. I can't help but feel that it was all for nothing. His ride fell through again, so it wasn't his fault at all, but he did have some rare MP3s that he wanted me to hear, and we were going to watch anime and J-rock vids together. I haven't seen him in such a long time...I don't blame him for any of this.. I'm just kind of sad...
On a lighter note.. I won both of the cels I've been watching on ebay. One is a really nice cel of the freaky little white-haired boy from Darkside Blues. The other one is a really dirty and hilarious cel from the X movie.
1) I'm VERY happy to have an X movie cel
2) You can't see Kamui's face, OR Yuzuriha's, because he's catching her... In the movie, there's a scene where she falls, and Kamui catches her... I have a cel from that sequence, but I had to get it b/c it looks so bad...lol.. her skirt is right in front of his face..
If you want to see it, check my website. I'm going to be posting it up there today. I made a new section on my site yesterday. It's dedicated to all the dirty cels I've seen up for sale on ebay. It's not hentai.. it's just a collection of normal characters in strange suggestive poses due to the way cel-animation works. I got a kick out of them at least. So far, it's mostly Sailor Moon, but you guys should check it out none-the less. Ja ne!


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