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Does it live?

Tonight I was in a rant-y mood. There was nothing major to tick me off or anything like that.. For some odd reason, I just felt like finding somthing and blowing up about it. I didn't, though.. it was just one of those nights. For no particular reason, I just felt crabby. I'm glad days like this are few and far-between.. but usually people hear about them more.. XD
In any case...
I saw the end of he Legend of Black Heaven the other day when Goat-Boy came over. Odd ending, but it fit, and there were a few things I really enjoyed about it.
1) Seeing Dir En Grey----- Yup! Weird as it may sound.. towards the end of the series, the main character pics up a magazine, and starts flipping through it. On the cover, there's a VK band. I thought.. Hey.. that looks kinda like Kyo.. oh wait.. on the cover.. in big letters... "Dir E(thumb)" Yup.. Dir en Grey~wai!
2) Seeing a really huge hulking Mr T-like american guy speaking english in the Japanese dub. This was really hilarious, because while the guy was being pretty violent and his character was rather animated, he was speaking really.. um.. composed.. lol. It was great. It really puts some of those horrid english dubs in perspective XD
3) X Files spoof. Ever wonder what Mulder& Scully would look like if they had been animated in a Japanese anime? Well.. check out the last few vol. of Black Heaven. I think it's on the last vol, but I don't remember, since we watched the last 2 back to back. Damn funny, though... and the resemblance between Duchovney and his animated counter-part was kind of creepy XD
4) Made up death-scenes. (You have to see the series.. but this goes with the angry american XD )
5)Next Episode previews- These are great... XD
6) Puns& Power-Ranger/random sentai parodies--- Ah.. what a show.. lol

The Legend of Black Heaven overall rating: 9 out of 10
Weird ending.. but hey.. so's the rest of the series. If you want a good laugh, and want to see "Hard Rock Save the Space!" this is your anime. If you want to hear the exact same guitar riff played over and over and over again.. this is also unfortunately the anime for you.. heh. My only gripe. This "Master" guitar player only knows 2 songs. ^..^

Hard Rock save the Space!!

Oh yeah... and why I haven't been posting?
I can tell you one thing.. it's not holiday festivities..

Well, maybe I'll tell you 2 more things-

It's all Squaresoft's fault
FFX is out on PS2

I'm also obsessed with Cosplay. Again. hehe
True, it's never really left my mind...but now that the convention is less than a month away, I'm thinking about it more and more. 3 costumes, 3 days, 1 convention... time is running out, and NONE of the costumes are really finished. I'm waiting on accessories to come in the mail. I know I'll feel better when I get them... but even afterwards, I'll still have 2 more costumes to complete, and hair and makeup to practice. I'm also thinking about getting Mako-chan and genki-gal to help me dye my hair.. something very raspberry and rather temporary. I don't want to bleach.. I just want purply-red highlights to go with my saturday costume. Fwa.. I could type about cosplay forever... (Or until my hands fall off.. I wonder if I'm getting Carpal...)


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