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Final Fantasy X.

This game kicks much ass. I'm enjoying it very much... Dispite the fact that I'm not a big fan of that character designer (what was his name.. Nomura somthing... -..-*** ) I'm enjoying the cahracter designs very muchly XD I've put a good 35 hours into the game already... and it hasn't let me down yet. It has some of the same annoying factors from other Square games.. but they keep a lot of the good stuff, and have a totally new and innovative leveling system. It's also pretty difficult -..-**
There's this one boss that's just repeatedly kicking my ass. I guess maybe I need to level up more. Last time I was having problems with a boss, I got a few more sphere levels, and maxed out ALL my overdrive gauges before going into battle. It made it a little easier, b/c I was able to do a happy 9999 damage with my summoned critters. The game is giving me the "You're close to the end" feel.. but this can't possibly be the end of the game.. I don't even have an airship to fly around in! It's too linear! Not really enough sidequests! So, this can't possibly be the ending yet. ^..^ It just can't be. Ack.. now.. I'll have to go look at an internet FAQ and make sure.........
Oh my. I guess I am getting really close to the end of the game -..-**
There isn't much left on the FAQs. Blargh. Well.. they say a typical RPG should be about 40 hours. This game still feels like it's just getting started. Maybe there's more to do after I get the airship... (And why do I have to wait until the end of the game to get the airship?? O..o) Oh well :P It was a happy diversion. Ah.. I see.. they give you the airship at the END of the game.. and then you spend the next 10 hours farting around and doing sidequests before conquering it. The final boss must be a bitch :P
I'm leaving tomorrow for my parent's place. Christmasy-stuff, you know? I can't wait for my koibito to open his presents ^..^ I think I did really good this year in getting things he wouldn't expect. I'll tell you all about it after I get back. After all.. I wouldn't want him reading my journal tonight and finding out what his presents are!!
My koibito also did somthing very sweet today. He got me an early valentine's day present, see?

I love it!! I found it on the web, and told him about it. He knew I wanted it really badly, so he offered to get it for me for my anniversary present.. but since valentine's day comes first.. he decided it should be for valentine's day instead.. lol
When this comes in, it will now be my most prized cel! Sorry Zagato.. sorry Umi opening sequence arm... CLEF!!!! Wai!
Sorry Mikage& creepy kid from Darkside Blues.. and sorry all my Da Cider collection.. I've just always wanted a clef cel.. and this one is so very nice :}
::much fangirl giggling::
In any case.. if the pic didn't work for some reason, you can always try a more < a href="http://webpages.charter.net/nightrain/sale/rtv04.jpg">conventional method.</a>


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