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Finals, Finals, Finals.
And me being lazy... lol

Well, I had my job interview(s)
The first one went really well. They asked me back for the second interview, but when they found out that I'd already had previous plans to go HOME to my parents for Christmas, they didn't want to hire me. She basically said that if I couldn't work the day before and the day after Christmas, they didn't need me.. It pissed me off, but I'm really not too broken-up over it. Some of my freinds are seriously ticked, though, for a few different reasons.. but I feel that the 2nd interviewer isn't really even worth my rant time in here :P so there.

And now for somthing completely different:
Iron Chef Waco... yup.. I like the sound of that.

The CD girl got my $$. She said she's going to ship my CDs tomorrow. Happy!!
Also.. Mako-chan.. Remind me to show you the CowboyBebop/ExcelSaga/Trigun video set to Latino mambo music.. it's frookin funny.

Anyway.. stat exam tomorrow.. back to studying, like I should have been doing all along :P


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