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What a deal!

Someone on one of my mailing lists was selling some stuff... and I made out like a bandit :D
I guess I need a christmas present.. lol

hide - Hi-Ho/Good Bye (split single, CD-Extra featuring Beauty & Stupid
Ska version live)
hide w/Spread Beaver - Pink Spider (8cm, cd excellent, case good)
hide w/Spread Beaver - everfree (8cm, cd excellent, case good)
hide w/Spread Beaver - Hurry-go-Round (8cm, excellent condition)
hide w/Spread Beaver - Rocket Dive (8cm, cd excellent, case slightly worn)
Laputa - Feelin' the Sky (c/w Squall) (8cm, excellent condition, w/
Raphael - lost graduation (c/w Holy Mission) (12cm, excellent condition,
w/ 1st press postcard!)
Dir en Grey - Yurameki (8cm, original east west release, 1st press, Kyo
lyric card)
Zeppet Store - Loop (3 track maxi single, 1st press: 8cm made into 12cm
Dir en Grey - Myaku -
1st press, original (east west label) pressing, excellent condition
12cm, comes with special sticker set (6 case size stickers, 1 for the
single, 1 by each member)

Kuroyume - Corkscrew -
14 tracks, last full original album, CD plays fine but looks a little
worn, it has been played ^^

And after shipping, it was all under 45.00 :D


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