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Plumbing thing-
Yeah.. remember that exciting thing that happened a few times earlier, where everything backed up into the tubs? It started to happen again. It's happening waaay too often, and we still didn't have that access in the front of the house.. soo...M decided to get it put in. The only problem is.. it's dark out right now... and the plumbers said they'd be here yesterday around 1. Now that M has to go back to work... he might not get a chance to have it put in until next week. (Or he could just have them stop by in the afternoon sometime soon, now that I've got all these morning exams, etc. Blah.

New job?- The people at Hastings finally got back to me. I have a job interview tomorrow at noon. It beats food service any day. So far, if I get the job, I know for certain I'll have Weds off, b/c I can't work Wed due to school. Late classes, etc. M's excited, b/c this means big discounts for him.. heh. I know where all my paychecks are going now ^..^** Not that I really mind, though...

And.. I took care of one other person off my Christmas list. I need to take care of Greggo, and my brothers. I think I have everyone else taken care of now. I want to get Mr. Cosmic somthing else, b/c I don't want him to think I went cheap on him.. -..-** But, I don't know if there's anything else I'll be able to find. At least I have a while yet. I still want to look into that one other item for M... Mako-chan, you know what I'm talking about. I don't know where exactly to find one, though.. and pretty soon, I'll be running out of Christmas money. I also need to go check out lab-coats in case I end up in that cosplay group for A-kon. I hope they let me.. we'll have to see, though.
Meep- actually, I've just been given the go-ahead to join the cosplay group. Now.. I'm negotiating my character. ^..^ I'd originally asked to be one, but when I found out he was taken, I opted for another. One of the guys in the group said I could be my first choice.. but now I think I've changed my mind, and want to be the 2nd character. I hope no one's asked for that one yet ^..^* I'm so picky sometimes.. lol. But.. I figure.. since the convention isn't until June, we still have a lot of time to work out the roles& whether or not we'll do a skit, etc. And.. if everything works out ok for A-kon, I may have two new costumes to debut there, instead of one. -..-** But, I haven't given any thought to the Nehelenia costume yet. I mean, I have all the materials planned out in my head. I have yet to do anything about it, though. M's mom and I are still working on the Rabi costume, so I didn't want to mention a new one yet, or even think about another until we get this one done. She's doing a lot of the work on it since I can't sew, but I've been working my hardest on the accessories, and the things I can handle on my own. Heck.. I may even decide to start on the accessories for Nehelenia. The dress really isn't going to be that difficult at all. It's a rather simple design. I wish I knew how to sew.. I'd do it myself T..T Blah.. one thing at a time! :}


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