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I'm back from the home of the parents of the enigmatic "M," as he's been named.. hehe. Thanksgiving dinner was nifty. I ate sooo much turkey :D I think this is the first year that I havn't stuffed myself full with potatoes, etc. The cheesecake M's mom made was *very* good :) The best part is.. I could eat everything in there except the crust. anyway...
While I was up there, M's mom and I worked on my Ushicon cosplay costume. I'm close to completing some of the accessories.. namely the dice. The tail is done.. the ears are getting there..we know what they'll look like, but they haven't been assembled yet, and I helped pin& cut the fabric for the other parts of the costume. I think the dice are looking really good. M's mom is really nice. I wish I could help more, but I don't know how to sew, really. I mean, I can do stuff by hand, but I don't have much confidence in it b/c I've never been taught. So basically, I souldn't wear somthing I'd sewn, b/c I'd be too afraid it'd fall apart in minutes.. lol
In any case..I think the costume will look awesome.. just like the Sarasa costume. I really need to try it on one of these days and see how it hangs now. It's going to fit differently, and I'll probably end up with extra length on the arm and leg wraps, but I can tuck that in. I still haven't figured out how I'm going to schedule my costumes yet. I may just wear the new one 2 of the 3 days at Ushicon. :P


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