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Oh yeah...

More news... Tokyopop is gone. They said they ran out of money.. YAY!!!!!!!! And there was much rejoicing!!! You know.. I had some of my hate mail published in TOkyopop.. I'm a published author... heh... In any case, apparently they couldn't afford the website& magazine& everything, so they're shutting EVERYTHING down. I think they're still going to do the tankoban translations, but I'm not certain. It doesn't surprise me, though.. The website SUCKED ASS... it took them ONE YEAR to fill an order that they told us they lost.. and even then, it was only partial.. I ended up getting multiple copies of crap I'd bought someplace else.. (When 7 months go by and the site says they lost your order, you don't expect them to send it to you anyway....) and on top of that, because I tried ordering crap from them, they started sending that rag of a magazine to me. I HATED the Tokyopop mag. I liked Mixxzine b/c they translated SM and MKR.. but then they changed to Tokyopop, said the new LS album sucked ass, said that those funny little people that dress up at HArajuku were freaks... (My hate-mail was a crash-course in cosplay... they followed it up by making a cosplay article..ignorant bastards..) In any case, I have a lot of pent up anger towards them, and now they're gone. I mean, I can understand that if they want to call themselves "TokyoPOP" and cover pop music, that's ok & valid.. and if they want to cover "pop" culture, that's fine to... but to tell everyone that it's their mission to expose everyone to Japanese culture... ::sighs:: I just have problems with ignorant people claiming they're covering everything. Before the music critic bitched about the Lunacy album ( They said it was a stupid and over-worked pun, and that the music was either too fast or too slow..... they didn't know anything about the band's past, apparently.. I viewed the album title as getting back to the roots of the band and to the old band name...) they had talked about the Kuroyume Best or Worst collection.. they said they liked the pop Cd best in the Two-CD set, but said that Kuroyume was not a very good band, and told everyone that they really wern't missing anything by not listening to it. I personally dissagree. I think Kuroyume kicks ass... before them, I'd never heard any band.. at all... be so versitile in thier music. I think the group is great.. they've done everything.. They've also done the only J-ska song I've ever heard (Hello CP Isolation--very nifty).. that is.. if you don't count that one section of hide w/Spread Beaver's Everfree....
In any case... If any of you out there liked Tokyopop... that's your perogative. I hated it, and good riddance. I really dont' feel that the magazine was doing a very good job introducing any part of Japanese culture to the multitudes. I think that if I knew nothing about Japan... and read Tokyopop.. I'd be a total mis-guided moron....
But That's Just My Opinion....


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