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From what I understand from the RW ML, Jess' early B-day party is tonight. I wish I could have made it, but I'll just have to find somthing nifty and mail it instead ~..^ Not too much happened today. It was nice. Last night, I posted about all the guys that had come over. Tonight, I think D was supposed to stop by and drop off some tapes. It's not too late for that yet, though, so I think he might actually stop by later tonight. Apparently the local anime club was having some sort of all-day event. M and I were thinking about going for a little bit, but then decided against it. After all.. why go to an anime club to watch stuff that you already have? (And in all actuality, many of the people probably got their stuff from you or someone you know.. so you KNOW you've seen it already.. lol) You'd go for camraderie, ne? Usually, anime clubs are groups of freinds that meet to watch anime, but since I know a lot of the older club people, and none of the newer, I'm not that interested in going. Besides, I had a few of the older members at our place last night and we MST3K'd the Mummy Returns :D
I'll probably be heading to the Mall Monday. I need to have the ring M gave me for Valentine's day re-sized. When I got it, it was a bit snug, so we had it sized 1/2 size larger. Now, it's waaay to big, and I can't wear it for fear of it falling off and losing it. And you know.. after you've gotten used to wearing somthing like a watch, or a ring, or a necklace, you feel naked without it. So.. I had to find somthing that would work for me to wear in the meantime.. lol. And guess what I chose? My highschool graduation ring! ahhh! This is probably the most I've worn it outside my senior year in highschool. It's pretty ironic, considering I'm a senior in college now. (Then again, I'll probably be a senior for quite a while longer, so this is in no way a sense of finality, or comign full-circle.. lol) I do like my senior grad. ring, though. I was sad when it didn't fit quite right anymore, and now it's fine. It makes you think, though. So many things are coming full circle for me right now... my education, my weight.. everything's returning to it's original balance, in a way. At the same time, I've grown. I've changed. And, I've improoved. It's always nice to look back and think, "This is the beginning of the end of another cycle. Now I know some Japanese.. and I'll end with a degree...." much more impressive than a highschool degree, I might add. I started the cycle without a job, and then I gained a job. Now, I've returned to the happy world of unemployment.. but a new cycle is going to start soon. It's all very calming to think about. I'm sure Goat-Boy can relate to a spiritual extent ^..^
On a different note- The Cure came out with a "new" album?? WHA?? How did this get past me??? lol Apparently within the past few months, the Cure (or should I say Robert Smith.. lol) released a new album. It's not new, per-say.. it's a Greatest Hits collection... but.. just like Galore, they decided to include some new stuff on there. They included 2 new tracks (which are pretty spiffy) and just to make sure fangirls like myself could justify buying it, they included a second disk with instrumental versions of the songs on it. Yes, I am a content Cure fangirl.
And- Who gave them permission to release the Utena movie without telling me?? lol Seriously, though, I didn't even know it had been licensed. I found it at Best Buy the other day, too.. just like the Cure CD. That movie is a crack trip& a half, but.. it's the Utena Movie! Mako-chan and I watched it the other day.. mostly to see a pretty DVD-quality copy of it.. but also to confuse Goat-Boy. We'll have to start Utena with him sooner or later.. lol.. if anything.. to proove to him that the movie still makes very little sense even with the history and background of the TV series ^..^


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