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I had the weirdest dream last night. I thought I'd jot it down here before I forgot, but Shay should really get a kick out of this.. hehe.
I had a dream about Dir en Grey last night. It was odd. Shay, Mako-chan, and a bunch of random people from the CoK were all at a DeG concert with me. We were all sitting together in what seemed a rather small concert hall. It was shaped more like a movie theatre. While we were there, DIE jumped off stage and down the isles. He stopped across from me and started messing with some of the other CoK members. Then, the fangirls started to get a little wild, so he ran back on stage. (lol) After the concert, Shay and I noticed that a bunch of girls from the front few rows had jumped on-stage and started hugging Kyo, and he didn't seem to mind. Giggling, a bunch of CoK people went up there, and Shay, Mako-chan, and myself followed. By the time we'd made it up there from our seats, he had dissappeared, so we figured that he must have made his way to his dressing room. So, the three of us started looking for it. We were really surprised when we went downstairs to the loading dock, though. The place was huge, and there were a lot of permenant dressing rooms there for big stars.. so.. we had to start looking for Kyo's. Mako-chan seemed like she was about to give up, when we saw the other group of CoK people take a left and go into a door. That's where we found Kyo. He didn't seem to mind all the weird people walking into his dressing room. HIs room was really funny, b/c it was small, and set up especially for him. There was a bed there, some shelves with some CDs and manga, and some random posters, etc. He'd taken off a lot of his makeup, and was smiling at a few of the other girls. I greeted him in polite Japanese, but I stumbled over it a little bit b/c I was nervous and he gave me a funny look. Mako-chan and myself were too shy to start hanging off him like the previous fangirls, but I noticed none of them were doing that now. They were kind of sitting around fawning over him. In his room, I noticed that he had all the new Malice Mizer CD singles, and I was really impressed and said somthing. Kyo was funny, b/c he wasn't really talking too much. He was absorbed with this pile of doujinshi. He was marking them to have them sent to the other band members. I think he sent Toshiya a Bastard! one that had some weird DBZ color scheme. He wrote Toshiya's name in english on there, and it was funny to watch him write :} I also saw.. underneath the new MM stuff.. he had all of Gackt's CD singles! Just about cracked me up.. heh. But.. there was this one odd CD single that was apparently in the background of every picture Kyo had taken in that dressing room, and Mako-chan had this odd fascination. It was called Pet shop Pets or somthing odd like that, and I think she was going to steal it -..-** (A very un-Mako-chan type thing to do) Kyo made some remark about the CD.. but he was mumbling, so we didn't know how to respond.. lol. That's about when I woke up. It was really weird, but pretty darn funny. I remember that DeG put on a really good show, though, and Shay had a really good time. (I think she was the one that DIE "molested" lol) Apparently someone had gotten some pics of the concert on a digital camera, and caught DIE's vinyl-clad leg in the corner of the picture. I missed DIE messing with Shay, so I don't know what he did. I was apparently too absorbed in the rest of the concert (Kyo was singing this odd slow tune.. it wasn't a romantic song.. more like it was a broken merry-go-round on crack.. kinda neat)to notice that DIE was up a few feet away from me. I felt kinda cheated.. lol. In any case, it was a pretty funny dream, none-the-less :D


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