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Last night I finally just got the guts to tell Ranma exactly how I felt.. and how a lot of other people feel about him. Afer hours of his begging and pleading and general whiny shit, I'm still not sure he gets it, though. Everyone just needs to go and tell him how they feel. He basically moaned& whined and crap like that for over an hour. Then, he got quiet, so I took off and gave Alexa a call and talked about things with her. She said that I'm probably right about him not getting it. She told me that she REALLY chewed him out the Sat I was up there for the party, but he still assumed that she was his best freind, or somthing retarded like that. You can't just tell him what you think. You need to sit there for a few hours and put up with his drama crap, and basically insult him, b/c otherwise, he doesn't get it. I should just post the whole chat log here on LJ. It's not pretty, though. I really ripped him a new one, and was still too dense to get it. I don't think I could have done it if it hadn't been for the support of the other boardies, though. If not for them, I more than likely would have just found a creative way to tolerate his crap, of just stop going to events. I told him, in no uncertain terms, that I DID NOT want him at the party at my place. I also told him that if he came, I would not let him in. And I also told him that if he came, and refused to leave, I would call goat-boy to shove a red-hot poker up his ass, or I'd call the police. I don't think he got the point, though. He kept saying that it was unfair, and not right.. blahblahblah. Hell, it's my party, at my house. I can exclude whomever the hell I want, ne? Man.. now I know why Miss China wanted to dissasociate herself from him. He's creepy. He's stalker material. He has an anger problem. He's violent. I don't want a timebomb like that anywhere near me. It makes you wonder what kind of world you really live in.. It's vicious in that you want to be nice to everyone.. but there are damned creepy fucking psychos out there.. but if you're indifferent, or unpleasant to others, that's just contributing to the problem. It reminds me of that movie, Path Addams. Robin William's character had a girlfreind/(wife?) that was learning to show the same kindness to all patients that he showed. However.. look where it got her... some psycho murdered her. That is why I'm VERY cautious about opening my front door to random people. Those door-to-door salesment might not be who you think they are. Ugh.
Hmm.. if I knew the code, I'd stick a cute poll in my Livejournal asking who was interested in reading the IM log with ranma... but since I don't know how, you'll just have to reply to my post :P


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