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Winamp is funny

It's been awhile since I updated, ne? I suppose it's been kind of busy... especially today. I didn't go home for thanksgiving, so I decided to cook today. We didn't get a turkey in time to thaw one out, so we picked up a ham, and I cooked. I baked a pumpkin pie, the ham, and I also made some home-made mashed potatoes. I heated up some regular canned-corn, and then I made some fruit coctail-marshmello-whipped cream thing my mom makes. It's really good. In any case.. I messed the gravy up. :( I was making my dad's traditional ham-gravy by hand (it's really good) but messed it up, so we didn't have any gravy. I was also worried about messing up the pie & ham, but it all turned out well. Max was supposed to visit. (He's the guru of J-rock that I've spoken about from time to time... a really good freind of mine, and my J-rock mentor. He introduced me to it w/Malice Mizer & X and moved on from there....I've also known him since I've been online.. It's had to have been at least 6 years by now... wow...) Unfortunately, Max's grand-troll wouldn't take him. He'll be here tomorrow, though ( I hope! :) And then I'll feed him leftovers.
My winamp story is kind of funny, too.. There's this program that came with winamp's last update... or not. I'm not sure. Matt may have DLed it as an add-on, but it's a CD reader program that lets you type in the name of the CD and track listing so that it will show up instead of "Artist- Track 1." Normally, it does that on most Japanese disks I play. On a few occasions (Like w/my first pressing of MACABRE) it came up with a romanized track list-- very cool. In any case, I popped in my Record of Lodoss Wars OST, and the CD thing popped up like normal. To my surprise, it read the tracks on it... and displayed them a little bit differently... Where it says Album, it says "Lodoss-tou Senki" Like it should.. but where it says Artist, it displays " The Cheap SM knock-off" (!!!) It's true, this is a Son-May disk ( I couldn't afford both my J-rock and anime habits if I paid the same price for anime STs as I do for J-rock! ) but the last thing I expected was for this winamp program to mock me :P ::laughs:: I guess the programmer found some coding unique to son-May disks or somthing, and had it display that.... It just makes me feel guilty for buying knock-off anime CDs now.. :P It's not like I buy Ever-Anime J-rock disks! ::starts to cry :P :: I'm not a bad person!! AIIEEEEEEEE ::sniffles::

It was pretty funny, though....

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