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Haitoku No Hitomi ~Eyes of Venus~
Lyrics: V2
Music: V2

ano hi ai ga hajimatta
sora ga akaku moedashita
nani mo tsutaezu ni hitomi dake mite ita
soshite yoru ga hajimatta
ai wo te no hira ni noseta
tenshi no sasayaki boku wa dakishimeta

Close your love...
I just wanna feel you in my dream
kodoku ni dakare
gisei no toki ni nagasareru
bitoku ni magire
Eyes of Venus

natsukashiku kiyorakana
hoshi wo sagashite ita
itsu kara ka kanashimi no meiro samayou

ano hi ai wo itsuwatta
kawasu kotoba ushinatta
utagoe ga hibiku eien no sora ni
sore ga yume dakara hitomi dake mite ita

Close your love...
I just wanna feel you in my dream
kodoku ni dakarete
gisei no toki ni nagasareru
bitoku ni magirete
Eyes of Venus

nureta hitomi ni kokoro ga midarete ienai
Close your eyes...
You loved me with your lie and vice
I can't erase my memory
Eyes of Venus

I was thinking about translating this one.. I only found one site on the net that has romanji, though.. and what you see above is it. I'd really like to re-check it.. because while some of the phrases like "tenshi ni sasayaki" are easy to translate, there are some words I'm having trouble finding. I wonder if it's b/c of Yoshiki's happy sense for poetry... blargh. Why do I chose these tough ones? Ah well..

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