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Ahem.. and more.

In continuation of yesterday...
I went to another hellion get-together on Sat. I managed to convince my koibito that he needed to go to this one. I think he did it b/c he knew that I wanted to go... which kind of defeats the purpose of getting him up there, but ::shruggs:: we had fun. I think Akuma would have been bored out of his skull if it hadn't been for the fact that we went to go see the new Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust movie (Bloodlush? lol funny typos...) The movie was great, and Akuma really enjoyed it, so it's all good. We were a little late getting up there b/c of traffic. I was REALLY hoping to get to drop by hottopic in the valley view mall up in Dallas, but we were really paranoid about getting there on time. We were early, (both to Alexa's house, and to the movie) so I'm a little bit sad. I still don't have that issue of Newgrave with Dir en Grey on the cover.. I probably won't ever have it, either, b/c I just don't get to go to Dallas& hot topics as much as I'd like. That's why I don't get fool's mate very often, either. Tower Records carries it.. but.. blargh.
We got there and hung out. I got to meet a few other boardies, but I couldn't figure out where Jeff-kun went. I found out later that he was in the shower (for a long-ass time! lol) but at least I didn't miss him. Everyone else was really cool..except for that one person I ranted about in my previous post. He tried to ruin things for everyone again. A lot of people really just want him to go away. :/
The most exciting parts of the day (aside from the movie) was getting to and from the theatre. These people drive like maniacs! To keep all 3 cars together, they had little hand held radios.. lots of fun! There were fake news& weather bulletins as well as the usual bullshitting that happened... I think I got in trouble for saying "fweeb" one too many times over it, though.. lol
In any case.. When I say 3 cars, I really ought to correct myself. One small car (driven by a maniac that dodges in and out of traffic), one SUV... that had to weave and dodge to keep up with the car.. and one VAN.. damn.. I've never seen a van go so fast, dodge, or weave so quickly. It's a wonder it didn't tip over, and it's a wonder we didn't get in a wreck. Akuma was actually nervous! I guess now he knows what it's like to ride with him :P Apparently somthing bad happened with one of the other guests after I left that night. All I'll say is that she really caused a lot of trouble.. and after the out-of-town people left, there was quite a bit of drinking.. While I don't condone drinking for the purpose of temporarily forgetting a problem, some of these girls are apparently really funny when they're drunk. Ahh.. moral dillemmas...
In any case..no major events.. it was just kind of one of those get-togethers where you bullshit a lot.. it's really funny, and you really just kind of have to be there for it.


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