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As if I haven't posted enough today...

I'm still trying to catch up, I suppose you could say. This past weekend, I spent Sat. up in Dallas with my koibito and a BUNCH of freinds. It was a lot of fun. I figured I'd comment on that LAST and make a quick entry about the new Vampire Hunter D (bloodlust) movie.

All I can really say is this movie is SLICK. It had an excellent plot, and really good character development for a movie. I was really impressed. Right now, for me, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon is the pinnacle of character development in a modern movie. Now, this VhD: Bloodlust comes in second. It's just really excellent. You care about the characters. You care about what's happening. And Mako- you WILL need some tissues for this movie. I don't want to spoil the plot at all.. there are so many things I could say about it... but all of you would probably hate me if I gave away too much.. lol. The dubbing is fantastic. Matt and I agree that this is, hands down, the BEST dubbing job we've ever seen in anime. I would have liked to see in in Japanese, but it was much easier to appreciate the beauty and detail in the animation this way. It's absolutely breathtaking. I can't wait to go see this again with Goat-Boy. I feel guilty for trotting off and seeing it without him.. but I definitely want to see it again.. so it's all good in my book :D
Another thing I really loved about it... his hand gets a lot more dialogue! And it's freaking hilarious! The very last line in the movie is damn funny! (Hand to D) "You're not such a bad guy after all. You just dress bad." ahh!! I guess you had to be there.. but it's just great. There were multiple times when I just wanted to break down and start crying at the sheer beauty of the animation, and the plot. Even after waiting years for this movie.. and even after all the hype.. it's fantastic... I really can't say too much else without giving anything away. I'd die to own a cel of ANY of the main characters from this film. The voices couldn't have been matched more perfectly. The story was fluid, and they used silence very effectively as well. I am in love with this film!!!

More on OW '01 tomorrow ( I hope! ) OW= Otaku Weekend 2001. There were so many people there, it was like a mini-convention


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