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The word of the day: Fweeb

Leave it to me to take another sabbbatical from LJ. I guess I've been busy lately with my exams, etc. I've had nearly two a week nonstop lately. I do have an exam today, and another tomorrow.. and after that, I'm done until Finals. I've also made two trips to Dallas for A-kon.com BBS parties.. which have been very cool. I've been promising write-ups on them... and I won't get to Sat's party today (most likely) OR my impressions on the new Vampire Hunter D movie, Bloodlust (Which, incidentally, kicks major ass.. I can't wait to see it again at the end of the month!) But.. since Goat-Boy prompted me.. I'll start yammering on the first one last weekend.

It was a Halloween party, and probably my first. It was the weekend BEFORE halloween, so it wasn't exactly ON halloween, but it was cool. I met a lot of people from the boards that I didn't catch at Animefest.. though all the people at Animefest wern't able to make it to the Halloween party. The funny thing is, Goat-Boy and I had planned on going to the Hockey game this past Sat.. we decided on the spur pf the moment to go up to Dallas for this Halloween thing, too. Well.. it turns out that he had other plans for this past weekend (not to mention the hockey game being "canceled"..) So it all worked out well in a funny kind of way.

I did my good deed for the year.. that's all I can really say. One of the main reasons I've been reluctant to post about this is because I've needed a little time to cool off. The party kicked ass, except for one thing.. and I feel I could rant about that forever! I needed to get a lot of stuff off my chest, so I could talk about things on here positively, etc... which is kind of ironic, b/c most people use Livejournal to rant about stuff. I don't want my LJ to be known to my freinds as the place where I'm always bitching... so I took some time to cool off.

The good:
I managed to stay on my diet. My new clothes (brand new vinyl pants, and some really kickass boots)came in, so I got to wear them with a spaghetti-strap corset top. I'm still chubby.. but there's nothing quite like dropping 4 pants sizes to make you feel more confident about yourself. (about halfway there!)I admit I was far from being the thinnest one (female)there, but I felt pretty good about myself ^..^
The party didn't really heat up until later in the evening, when the other half of the people showed up. Even then, we kinda milled around.. lol. I showed off one of my sketchbooks..and basically sat around and BSed with everyone else. It was nice just talking to people and joking around, etc. Later at night, there was a "rave" type thing where they busted out some glowsticks and went wild. I was VERY happy when the 4 people I was waiting on showed up. The interesting thing about this group is the fact that the age of this group is so diverse. If I had to guess, I'd say 15-40. And they all hang out and have fun together. Very cool! In any case, I was very happy to see Jeff again. He's always really nice, and he's lots of fun to joke with. I don't think a Hellion party would be complete without him, Alexa, Nikki, and Loggera. Alexa's basically the hub of the group. I've noticed that most large swarms of people center around a single person... this Hub usually seems to take it for granted that he or she is the center of attention, too. USually in these groups, though, I seem to feel like a speck of dust on the outer-rim.. but In this one, they make me feel like a spoke. They make me feel wanted.. which is wonderful. Even at the party last weekend, people kept asking Alexa if I was going to be able to come.. it felt nice. The funny thing is.. I went with Goat-Boy for the Halloween party, and last weekend, they were still talking about him. He's part of the group now, too. Especially since he did a topless dance for everyone!!!!! LOL!!!

Ahhh! XD Anyways..

As night wore down, what would later be termed as "Snugglefest" began. Though Goat-Boy, :cough: Ranma :cough:, and I were promised beds, I think Goat-Boy got the closest thing to one.. a Couch. We never saw any beds.. lol. Instead, I sat down with a handful of other people, and we started just.. well, cuddling. I messed with Drew.. Jeff messed with Drew.. we all messed with each other.. Nothing sexual, mind you.. we just had lots of fun. It was really nice. You rarely get anything like that.. where you can just go up to someone you trust, and guve them a really nice backrub, and fall asleep close to them. Later, Drew ended up bouncing around somemore, and Jeff had to take Alexa, the Squirt, and Nikki home. I was really sad.. but he did come back. I tried to stay awake, and Tux (I think his name is Carrey?) and I were talking about Koalas.. it was hilarious! We kept getting in trouble with his mom, b/c she wanted us all to be quiet and go to sleep.. lol. We did, too.. about a 1/2 hour before Jeff came back on his own. (He could have slept in a nice warm bed at home, but he came back to stay with all of us! Awww!!!!) I felt REALLY bad for him, though. When he came back.., someone had taken his place in the "bed" and he slept on the floor on his own. IT was really cold, and all he had was a wadded-up shirt for a pillow (he managed to find a real pillow later) and a thin towel for a blanket. I woke up about 1/2 hour after he fell asleep. It was really early, and I swear I only got about and hour of sleep, but I wasn't tired. Poor Jeff looked so pathetic.. so I poked him awake and practically had to drag him over to where I was sleeping. I made him take my place in the bed, underneath a warm down blanket next to Tux.. and then I just kinda sat around until others woke up. It wasn't took long.. and I felt alot better knowing that someone that was so nice to me earlier had a warm place to sleep. The next morning, we had to leave realatively early, and Daylight Saving's had really messed everyone up.. heheh. Also, Tux's family had to go to Church, so they kicked everyone out :D IT was hard saying goodbye to everyone.. but we got home safe, and I had a great time, so that's all that mattered.


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